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Route forward for Antrim hurlers and New manager

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Maybe its time the christy ring was re-jigged, our level is with Carlow, Westmeath, Laois, possibly now London and Kerry too, i think our county board should be lobbying for a two groups of three christy ring cup with these teams named, with semis a final a a place in the first round of the qualifiers versus probably the likes of Wexford or Offaly who we are far off but we are off, we need to re prove ourselves as, 23 years and outside of the teams named we beat dublin who where young and in experienced at the time. We need to see where our level is, this going on about 4 groups of 3 by the county board is getting annoying, can you imagine this year we landed into a group with KK and Limerick, what would have happened, would have set us back 30 years. Im not happy with entering a championship of 14 teams every year where you only have a possibility of beating 3 and you dont have a hope of even making the quarters unless luck falls your way, we need to find our level and the county board need to realise this. The 2005 christy ring cup was bad, but we wouldnt beat carlow by that much again in a million years, and westmeath that year played a level above us, Laois have come backward but have good u21s, and Kerry and London are the past two champs of CRC and are ever improving, its the recipe for a good competitive second tier.

The new manager, i personally am in favour of keeping on the likes of Jim Nelson if he would take it, if not him then Ger Rogan or Micky Johnson, we need instead to get someone in such as a director of coaching, maybe a nicky english, Donal O Grady, or justin mc carthy, maybe even John Meyler who use to take kerry and wexford. One of these men who will over see the coaching methods, structures and team selections on each team at county level and maybe help us replicate the model used in one of their counties, he will ensure the coaching emphaisis is good and positive all the way from u14 county to u21. Nothing to do with senior.

Thats my thoughts anyway!

North Side Gael (None) - Posts: 1076 - 07/07/2012 14:49:27    1211482


To follow up on what ive said here, to those who Claim we need to be in Liam Mc Cup, if we did land ourselves in a group with Antrim, Westmeath, Kerry and Derry, would you be saying weve got it sown up? I certainly wouldnt be! The other Group, Carlow, Laois, London and Wicklow, again no one knows who would win that, one slip up and your playing the winner of the other group, another position you dont want to be in.

The semi finals could be played as home venues for groups winners, meaning we get even more use of casement should we be successful.

North Side Gael (None) - Posts: 1076 - 07/07/2012 15:16:56    1211495


Northside - Your proposal has merits. However I would aim higher. I do believe we have the talent but not currently the desire, committment or organisational ability to make progress into or close to the top tier. Unless we sort out the fundamental discipline issues we are going no where, regardless of the structures. The dogs in the streets know the who and exactly what went on this year and people in authority should be ashamed that they turned a blind eye to disgraceful behaviour. The rank hypocrisy of some posters on this and other sites just beggars belief. By the way I do not believe JN is the answer.

Glensboy (Antrim) - Posts: 244 - 07/07/2012 15:41:36    1211513


Im just thinking someone internal within the county until the new director im talking of sorts our house out, then when we have the conveyor belt of belief, deciation and committment, the structures coaching and development we go and find the best manager out ther for the job, from where ever in Ireland. Maybe a young coach such as PJ O Mullan or something might be a good man for the role.

As for now we need to look at where we are at, i cant take another two years of stuffings, and a board who talk down to you explaining this is our level.

We need a meeting of the current senior crop if differences cant be set aside then we need to look at withdrawing in my eyes and putting an u21 team into christy ring or something and rebuilding otherwise we will end up with our young going into the current set up and adopting the same b****s**t attitude, no one club it to blame either, this must all be about collective responsibility.

North Side Gael (None) - Posts: 1076 - 07/07/2012 16:12:31    1211530


seems it is this , when push comes to shove the discipline isnt there to drive on and push forward. Like the quality in that antrim side could compete at the top level , you have some of the best clubs in ireland and plenty of good leagues and structures in place that need to be tweaked to get the best out of it.

I see also on here theres a north antrim - belfast (south antrim) divide which is basically schoolboy stuff.
Sort yourselfs out as youll rue yet another crop of antrim men not achieving their FULL potential.

DownAndOut (Down) - Posts: 344 - 17/07/2012 14:50:18    1220417


also pj wouldnt be a bad shout for the job , jim nelson doesnt want it so throw his name outta the ring straight away

DownAndOut (Down) - Posts: 344 - 17/07/2012 14:51:26    1220418


Down and out the bigger problem this year was between country clubs, the city/country divide disappeared while they built up a silly rivalary which destroyed an entire year for antrim hurling.

North Side Gael (None) - Posts: 1076 - 18/07/2012 17:26:43    1221823


I don't think PJ would touch the Antrim hurling manager job with a barge pole.

Seamroga (Antrim) - Posts: 62 - 18/07/2012 18:37:17    1221901


North Side Gael- The dogs on the streets know why the problems built up between the 2 North Antrim clubs. County officials were completely misguided in not dealing with the issue, the manager also chose to ignore the behaviour that would not be accepted in any other county. One person should not be allowed to hold the county to ransom because of their 'alleged' value to the team.

Discipline is a fundamental requirement in any organised team game.

Glensboy (Antrim) - Posts: 244 - 18/07/2012 19:30:33    1221968


already have a general idea , north antrim infighting apparently wrecked your whole season

DownAndOut (Down) - Posts: 344 - 22/07/2012 21:57:56    1225357


Give it up at county level - they don't count !!!

smellymullane (Antrim) - Posts: 20 - 23/07/2012 15:04:25    1226130