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Time to take responsibility

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I see Liam Bradley has been quite outspoken and critical after yesterday's match. It seems to me that he is deflecting attention from the failings of the team which are ultimately his responsibility. Instead of coming out and saying that something somewhere needs to be changed as he did, I think both he and Antrim football would be best served by looking at himself before blaming rules or other such things that are out of his control. He also said that if he had a few forwards that could brake a tackle then Antrim definitely would have won!

I get no sense that he feels any personal responsibility whatsoever for his side going out of the Ulster championship yesterday. Perhaps if he did, he might feel the need to do something about it. Before McGeeney came to Kildare the general opinion was that we just didn't have the players. No one really questioned that and people believed it. My point is that you will always find an excuse to hide behind if you are not willing to take responsibility and at the moment Liam Bradley seems to be hiding behind excuses and it is not doing any good to himself or Antrim football.

I think Antrim could be a lot better and I think Bradley could very well be the right man for the job, but not unless he takes responsibility, stops blaming factors outside of his control and works at changing and improving what he can change and improve. I hope this happens and Antrim have a good run in the qualifiers and that they play to the level that they are capable of playing to.

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I think there is some merit in your assessment. However there are some issues with Antrim. I think the management team needs to look at the players we have, and if as a county we don't have the players who can break a tackle or pop a point over from 30 yards, then that's what we have. It is therefore up to the management team to develop a strategy in which we can make the most of the players at our disposal. Yesterday I seen a team that was put out not to get beat. I think Baker hoped that if he could contain Donegal and stop them from scoring. Something would happen at the other end of the pitch that would get Antrim a few points. This never worked and could never have worked. We made life too easy for Donegal. We allowed their backs to over lap with their forwards as the Antrim players were more interested in funnelling back and not challenging the player on the ball until he got within scoring distance. This worked to some extent as the Antrim defence was good. However we were so slow at breaking when we won the ball it was allowing Donegal to get back into place and the hunted in packs in every area of the pitch and rarely let Antrim get into their stride. But Baker and his team knew how Donegal would play, so what was the plan to help put the Antrim players into scoring positions? I could not see one. Yes our forward line are not prolific scores, but we never looked at any point yesterday as if we wanted to win the game, that we could win the game or that we had a plan B when plan A unravelled. Baker is a great motivator but perhaps he needs someone on his back room staff who can develop strategies.

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