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I see your game against Wexford is down to be played in Wexford Park. Its a huge journey for Antrim supporters , why not get your county board to persuade Wexford to come to Croke Park for what would be a very attractive double header in conjunction with the Dublin v Offaly quarter final on the same date,

clonjon (Dublin) - Posts: 665 - 16/05/2011 16:09:27    932158


will watson , donnelly , mcnaughton and oconnell be available for the wexford match

stekhli (Dublin) - Posts: 3116 - 17/05/2011 18:12:05    933122


clonjon, I think that idea was mooted but Wexford were vehemently opposed to it, which is fair enough, as they were given a home draw and we are playing in the Leinster championship.

ar_an_chnoc (Antrim) - Posts: 142 - 17/05/2011 20:05:10    933225


It looks like Hippy will be fit for Wexford which is a huge boost. Shane Mc Naughton will also be ready for the Wexford game, he missed the Laois game due to illness rather than injury. After such a good win in Laois would you change the team? Personally I'd fit Hippy in a full back, I know it would be harsh on whoever misses out but I think he is too important to leave out.

jesusjones (Antrim) - Posts: 385 - 18/05/2011 09:16:19    933396


i think Hippy will start in Fullback, with Arron Graffin moving to wing back to replace Neal McAuley who got sent off. Also, Shane will start in place of Karl McKeegan who got ribs apparently broke against Dunloy.




M Herron
C Herron




goalgetter (Antrim) - Posts: 87 - 18/05/2011 13:37:41    933666


when will pj oconnell and liam watson be backk?????

stekhli (Dublin) - Posts: 3116 - 19/05/2011 18:28:31    934915


anyone have any idea on whether watson, campbell, mccloskey and hippy will be ready for the next game ? with full side yous could beat wexford.

Dhuibh (Down) - Posts: 281 - 23/05/2011 14:28:43    937792


just wanted to wish ye luck although to be honest i think its us that will need the luck ye have a fairly serious outfit this year and those coming to the match enjoy wexford. may best team win

wexcore (Wexford) - Posts: 734 - 24/05/2011 14:39:00    938946


watson and cambell r out.hippy and mc closkey r in

ceathru (Down) - Posts: 163 - 24/05/2011 15:18:29    939019


Don't know why dinny's so surprised about second half the performance, perhaps it had something to with wexford raising their game
and many of our players not being good enough at this level. To much made of us beating Laois who like ourselves are a div. 2 team
It would suit Dinny better if he put his and the teams energy into getting us back into the top tier. the only problem there is you have to be
consistant which we have never been under his managment having one or two good performances in June has been our lot.

upperdeck (Antrim) - Posts: 5 - 31/05/2011 16:15:28    944583


Who were the subs numbered 16-26 v Wexford?

aenguscrom (Sligo) - Posts: 8 - 01/06/2011 09:44:33    945024


aenguscrom dont be worrying about subs.Lads what the hell were ye at against wexford? ye cant let them hillbillies win

Yarnsy (Kildare) - Posts: 177 - 01/06/2011 14:14:39    945361