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Antrim should now concentrate on the football.

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Antrim made an ulster football final after st galls won the all ireland did they not?

Lougheile success should be and in most counties will be built into inter county success, look at cross in the football when they won their first title the armagh footballers couldnt get near an ulster but it came in time.

North Side Gael (None) - Posts: 1076 - 26/05/2012 10:15:57    1180740


Antrim's Ulster final appearance resulted from a very fortunate win against Donegal followed by a semi final against a very poor Cavan side. Since then Antrim have done nothing, and on the evidence of today's woeful performance, won't do so any time soon.

countyman00 (Antrim) - Posts: 60 - 27/05/2012 20:38:45    1181469


Poste this exactly 2 years ago; for Tyrone substitute Monaghan: will Baker ever learn

I thought Baker would have learnt from Ulster Final last year; far too often Pascal McConnell was given the freedom to short pass to spare man and thus Tyrone were allowed to carry the ball unchallenged into midfield before a challenge was ever considered; we give up so much easy possession and gave platform for Tyrone to build on: why not push up, go man to man from kickouts and make Tyrone work for their possession: we were holding our won in and around the midfield; can revert to sweeper after the kick out.

KevHill (Antrim) - Posts: 271 - 28/05/2012 13:08:01    1181828


has cunningham left the panel??

macca999 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 888 - 03/07/2012 21:56:01    1209023