Meehan reveals reasons behind return to the game

August 13, 2017

Galway's Michael Meehan takes to the field at Croke Park.
©INPHO/James Crombie.

Michael Meehan says staying in contact with Kevin Walsh over the last couple of years helped him return to Galway's senior football panel this season.

Meehan's decision to return for the Tribesmen after a four-year absence was warmly received both in his home county, as well as elsewhere, and the Caltra clubman says it mostly came down to him feeling fit and ready to pull on the maroon jersey again.

"There was always a little something in me," the 33-year-old told Newstalk's Off The Ball. "I left the game through injury at a certain stage in 2014 and was very much delighted with that move at the time and it fitted in with where I was because just my head was fried from recovery and the work I was doing to get back to play to the level that I got to for a couple of years and that was grand.

"I suppose Kevin Walsh came in and we always kept in contact each year. He'd put a call through and he'd express his wishes and I appreciated that for a couple of seasons. There was certainly never any more to it for me.

"And, I suppose, through the course of the club season last year as the club season wore on, I was happy with how I was moving and the levels of training I was getting to participate in were reasonably high. So all of a sudden I'm kind of thinking (about returning) and you go through the winter and I suppose I said I'd just make a call on it and I put a call through to Kevin in January and see was he up for anything.

"I just had a desire to, I felt I could commit to the training and get a sizeable amount of it done so we took a chance on it and that's how it started."

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