Fermanagh chairman explains McGrath departure

August 09, 2017

Pete McGrath as Fermanagh manager.
©INPHO/Ken Sutton.

Fermanagh chairman Greg Kelly explained to delegates at the most recent county board meeting about how Pete McGrath's resignation as senior football manager came about.

There was not much time dwelt on the manner as Kelly told the delegates that McGrath had been reappointed, but player issues then arose and the Down native stood down immediately.

The Fermanagh Herald reports Kelly as saying: "Delegates deserve a little explanation on the issue. As you know the manager was re-appointed by the county executive though we knew and the manager knew that there were some player issues.

"It was felt however that these could be overcome and we didn't want to dilly dally on the issue. I don't want to go into the gory details, but there was a breakdown in the relationships and the manager resigned.

"One of the themes when I took up the post of chairman was unity of purpose and I don't want to get to a position where players are demonised. It is important that we now put this behind us and move forward and that we get the appointment right."

Fermanagh have set up a five-man committee to find a successor for McGrath with interviews set to take place in the coming weeks.

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