Orchard can learn from Red Hands - Forker

August 08, 2017

Armagh's Aidan Forker

Aidan Forker believes Armagh can use Saturday's crushing defeat to Tyrone as a building block.

The all-Ulster All-Ireland SFC quarter-final clash proved to be a complete mis-match as the Anglo Celt Cup winners sauntered to an 18-point success. In defeat, Forker saw the blueprint that the Orchard County needs to follow:

"Coming off the back of a large defeat like that, not that you give up, but you probably knew it was gone shortly into the second half the way they got the second goal," the Maghery clubman told The Irish News.

"I found myself looking at Tyrone during the game and thinking for the future. They had runners coming from everywhere, everyone is comfortable on the ball, they can take a man on, break a tackle, break at pace.

"That's what we have to look at: getting a wee bit fitter, faster, stronger and a wee bit slicker. It's frustrating that we weren't able to do what we wanted to do and then they feed off that, feed off the counter-attack.

"Hopefully we can learn from that and make progress next year. I am hoping with this group we can learn from that."

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