Roman Abramovich with a Castlebar accent...

August 08, 2017

James Horan and Roman Abramovich

James Horan says Mayo have no Roman Abramovich bankrolling them.

The former Mayo manager takes exception to suggestions that the GAA's most successful teams are at the top because they have greater resources.

"We keep being told that most counties are being left behind," he writes in The Irish Daily Star. "We keep hearing that there's a handful of elite teams and the rest are left floundering.

"To me, this doesn't really add up. Sure, you can point to Dublin having advantages of population and financial backing or whatever - but what advantages do Mayo have?

"There is no Roman Abramovich with a Castlebar accent bankrolling them. Nobody reached out to Mayo or Tyrone - or Donegal a few years ago - and helped them up the ladder. They had to do it themselves."

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