Brosnan will be missed in final

March 28, 2008
According to Wexford under-21 football manager Aidan O'Brien, the sending off of Ben Brosnan and his absence on Leinster final day 'knocked a big hole in the joy of winning a Leinster semi-final'. O'Brien did not display too much sympathy towards his playe, however, citing the examples of both Shane Roche and Peter Hughes who were the subject, in his opinion, of a few very hard tackles. "But they both got up and got on with it. It is just a pity that we have to suffer for one lapse in discipline," the manager said. "However, I am not one for dropping my head and throwing up the white-flag," said O'Brien. "I don't care, we'll just belt on, and I know whatever 15 guys go out will not be found wanting for effort."

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