IFC: Impressive start for Oldcastle

April 10, 2016

Oldcastle's Paddy Gilsenan

Oldcastle 0-19
Walterstown 2-11

With the midfield of Rory McHugh and Peter Monaghan dominating the game anything but a win would have been a disappointment for Oldcastle.

It was Walterstown who were first of the mark opening the scoring within the first minute. With James Tuite intercepting a Waltersown attack and working with Monaghan and Eoin Gilsenan who got the ball into Jason Scully, he made no mistake as he sent over his first of the game. The next five minutes belonged to Walterstown and they gained a 1-2 advantage. Oldcastle showed great determination as they continued to attack well, this resulted in two converted frees from Paddy Rahill and CJ Healy. The sides traded scores for the remaining 15 minutes of the half. The first coming from Eoin Gilsenan, quickly followed by Robert Farrelly's first after Scully did well to win a ball on the end line and keep it in play. Walterstown hit over two of their own to keep the lead. Healy won the Walterstown kickout and sent the ball straight back into Tierney who reduced the deficit. After a foul on Tierney, Rahill added his second for the day. Monaghan won the ball at midfield and delivered the ball into Farrelly who brought the game to a draw with three minutes left to the break. A Walterstown goal in the closing stages had put Oldcastle on the back foot going into the second half, but the last score of the half was another free from Rahill.

The second half quickly resembled the opening stages of the first with Walterstown adding to their score and Scully converting for Oldcastle. Oldcastle were producing a fine display in the third quarter and were attacking well and had added three to their tally, two by Rahill and one by Healy. After ten minutes into the second half Oldcastle had taken the lead by a point but this was short lived as Walterstown converted two from play. Walterstown were holding onto the lead but Oldcastle's work ethic prevailed in this half and they kept the minimal between the sides. Rahill kept Oldcastle in the game with another from play after McHugh did well to win the ball at midfield and sent the ball into Paddy Gilsenan, who delivered to Rahill. Healy sent over his third of the game after a foul on Ronan Maguire again bringing the game to a draw. With 10 minutes left McHugh gave Oldcastle the lift they needed as he put them in front with a point from play. Paddy Gilsenan added another to ensure this game wasn't going to slip away. But Walterstown again levelled the game with two from play. Both sides had all to play for and made for a very exciting end to the game. The team work that Oldcastle displayed earned them winner's rights and Paddy Gilsenan fisted over his second with the clock running down leaving them just one point clear. Eoin Gilsenan made sure to seal the deal as he sent over his second and the final whistle blew. An exciting finish to a very impressive game of football by both sides with the right result for Oldcastle.

A great team display on the day but most impressive performances came from Eoin Gilsenan, Rory McHugh and Peter Monaghan.

Oldcastle: C.McHugh, J.Tuite, C.McPartland, O.O'Reilly, E.McNamee. B.Curran, E.Gilsenan (0-2), P.Monaghan, R.McHugh (0-1), S.Tierney (0-1), P.Rahill (0-6), CJ Healy (0-3), J.Scully (0-2), P.Gilsenan (0-2), R.Farrelly (0-2).

Subs: R. Maguire for P.Monaghan (29Minutes), S.Maxwell for B.Curran (38Minutes) P.Monaghan for R.Farrelly  (40Minutes) M.Taggart for J.Tuite (45Minutes) A.McCann for S.Tierney (48Minutes) C.Curran, C.Delaney, G.Reidy, N.Mangan, J.Maxwell, Paddy Monaghan, P.Higgins.

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