Sheridan - it was a penalty if it wasn't a goal

July 11, 2010
Meath forward Joe Sheridan felt that he had claimed a legitimate goal in the dying minutes, despite Louth's protestations.

The Leinster final was in the dying moments when the ball ended up in the goal net but Sheridan carried it over the line as he fell trying to get a foot to the ball.

"We were delighted that we got the goal in the end. It was well worked up and we were lucky to get the break in the end," he said.

"It was a definite goal. People can otherwise, but I was well high in over the net. I just dropped the ball and it was in the net, simple as that."

Sheridan also feels any argument about the goal doesn't hold water as he feels he was fouled and it would have been a spot kick if the ball didn't end up in the net.

"I was pushed so it would have been a penalty anyway if it wasn't a goal."

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