Galvin misses his lift!

January 10, 2001
Kerry All-Ireland winner Enda Galvin almost missed out on the team's trip to China and the Far East because he forgot his tickets, passport and visa! The Irremore man arrived in Dublin airport with the rest of the squad before discovering he had left the necessary documentation back at home. "There was some kind of mix-up with his bags," revealed his father Aidan Galvin. "He changed bags before he left the house and the end of it was that the tickets and passport stayed back in Irremore." Without his passport, flight tickets or special visa entry to China, Galvin was not allowed board the flight to Beijing. He did, however, fly out to join up with the rest of the squad three days later along with County Board chairman Sean Walsh and selector Eamonn Walsh. The group, meanwhile, are due back in Kerry on January 13.

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