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Division Three 2012

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With the league starting next month has anybody got predictions for promotion? Who is going to do well?

gaelicfooty15 (Cavan) - 14/01/2012 19:06:36    1093646


could be anyone of the top 3 teams eg templeport kildallan corlough

safehands101 (Cavan) - 16/01/2012 21:49:09    1094809


ah now there all very good but its hard to look past maghera!! but now to get to the serious stuff was anyone at the matchs at the weekend??

full14 (Cavan) - 20/02/2012 17:57:22    1115125


Templeport bet by 4 or 5 by arva shercock beat corlough by 2 or 3 , baieliboro won by 2 and killdallon won by apoint against the favourites maghera

gaelicfooty15 (Cavan) - 20/02/2012 20:15:18    1115242


i hear that was a home game for shercock would have expected them 2 win by more!! I think arva is good for the league this year after maghera of course!! Any 1 no what ballabora like??

full14 (Cavan) - 21/02/2012 15:23:06    1115580


ballabora !!!! Are they a new team

tony.montana (Cavan) - 21/02/2012 16:07:37    1115619



Ballymachugh V Searcóg/Shercock

Time: 2 00 PM , Venue: Sheelin Park

Referee: Gerry Sheridan Prediction : Should be an interesting game , and tight to the finish but Ballymachugh to nick it by a point.

Corlough V Maghera MacFinns GFC/An Machaire

Time: 2 00 PM , Venue: Corlough Gaa Grounds

Referee: Liam Kelly Prediction : Should be a good game , Corlough should have a bit too much for maghera and with home advantage corlough to win this one by 5 or 6

Ballyconnell First Ulsters V Laragh Utd

Time: 2 00 PM , Venue: Pairc na gCead Ultach

Referee: Martin Brady (ballinagh) Prediction :straight foward win for laragh , laragh by 10

Round 2

Arvagh V Coill an Chollaigh

Time: 3 30 PM , Venue: 3G Pitch

Referee: Chris Mc Caffrey Prediction : should be a tight affair with home advantage keeping arvagh in it , but baieliborough division 2 experience and that bit of extra quality should make them prevail. Baeliborough by 2.

gaelicfooty15 (Cavan) - 24/02/2012 19:47:06    1117315


you say home advantage for arvagh but u have the venue as 3g pitch!! Plus i think arvagh will win by 2

full14 (Cavan) - 25/02/2012 21:13:08    1117683


Re Gaelicfooty15,

Was at the kildallan game, far from straight forward Laragh won by 4 but really should have been bet. Kildallan were wasteful

nike90 (Cavan) - 26/02/2012 15:54:16    1117832


Kildallan have no scoring forwards and for that reason Nike 90 expect a few 10 + point defeats

safehands101 (Cavan) - 27/02/2012 16:55:50    1118505


Well i hear different that they have. might suprise a few people. just saying that the the scorline suggested was a good bit off.

nike90 (Cavan) - 27/02/2012 19:45:23    1118620


McGovern from Kildallan could perhaps turn into a decent footballer, I would imagine playing with the likes of a good U21 or Senior amalgamation would help him. Shows a bit more style than substance at the moment but has good pace and a good turn. Then again would he even get his place if half of Kildallan hadn't emigrated? Ronan Reilly, Jason Curry, Aaron Duignan. Huge losses to the club.

JonSmith (Cavan) - 27/02/2012 20:24:48    1118652


Young mc govern is by far kildallan best and only scoring forward .let's be honest when your playing 3 backs in your forward line your not going to get many scores .kildallan have lost a lot of quality players in the last few years mainly forwards it's just a pity that they will struggle again this year

safehands101 (Cavan) - 28/02/2012 13:25:51    1119002


i was asked a question this morning where is the team Corlough based. I actually wasnt 100% sure, is it Dowra? I know shannon gales is blacklion, but who plays in Dowra? Cheers

P.Mus (Cavan) - 28/02/2012 13:58:27    1119043


Ballinaglera in leitrim is the team from the Dowra area as far as I know .corlough is based between swad / templeport area

safehands101 (Cavan) - 28/02/2012 18:47:05    1119290


Ballinaglera in leitrim is the team from the Dowra area as far as I know .corlough is based between swad / templeport area

safehands101 (Cavan) - 28/02/2012 18:49:11    1119293


Just shows how bad div 3 football is that laragh who are probably favourites struggled to beat one of the worst teams in the county

johnydrama (Cavan) - 29/02/2012 12:24:46    1119577


well this quality of football has come to be expected in div. 3 and cavan.. nevertheless i was also at the kildallan game on sunday against laragh and it was evident that laragh were a bit rusty as i think it was their first game, but it was obvious that they underestimated kildallan and they were unlucky not to get something out of the game. they missed two decent goal opportunities aswell as a poor penalty which would have turned the game on its head

redassasin (Cavan) - 29/02/2012 12:56:37    1119606


Anyone know when the reserve league will start? Will it be on the same day as Div 3 matches?

pencil (Cavan) - 07/03/2012 17:09:04    1124689


I have heard that Kildallon are getting back several of the players that left them over the past couple years. This should improve them a bit. Couldn't get any worse i suppose.

westboy (Cavan) - 11/03/2012 16:27:56    1126785