Kelly hoping for courageous effort

October 27, 2005

Tom Kelly
Ahead of the second International Rules test, Laois and Ireland star Tom Kelly says Ireland must hold onto the ball until a better placed team-mate is found and not throw away possession under pressure. Kelly says that a lot of lessons need to be learned from Ireland's first test demolition, not least to be brave when in possession. "They were so good at tackling that the lads were sort of afraid and they were laying it off to the next man - they weren't taking it on. "We were totally on the backfoot and when they started going well you have doubts in your mind. "That's what happened us." Meanwhile, Australia's International Rules manager Kevin Sheedy says his squad is expecting to face a much more fired-up Irish team in the teams' second test in Melbourne. "The Irish aren't going to take that on the chin. "They have pride and they are a good team who will be bouncing back," Sheedy declared.

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