Harte aware of Cavanagh advances

July 22, 2005

Sean Cavanagh
Tyrone manager Mickey Harte has admitted that an Australian Rules side has contacted Sean Cavanagh about a possible move down under, but has stressed that his star player has made no decision on the matter. Tyrone football could be plunged into a crisis situation with the news that their talented midfielder Sean Cavanagh may be switching codes after an approach had been made to the midfielder from Brisbane Lions in Australia. Tyrone manager Mickey Harte, who was unaware of the situation, contacted one of his most promising stars who confirmed that a meeting had taken place with Gerard Sholly, an independent consultant who recruited both Setanta and Aisake O hAilpin. Harte, who has always been an outspoken critic of the GAA's connection with the AFL and the International rules series said: "Yes, it is true, there has been a tentative contact, although the original story portrayed it as much more than that. A contact did take place, but no contracts have been signed. "According to Sean, there is nothing definite yet, so far it has just been enquiries." Cavanagh recently qualified from Jordanstown with an honours degree in Accountancy could expect to earn a rookies starting salary of £15,000 if he moved to Brisbane. However, if he did succeed in making the breakthrough he could be in line to earn anything from £200,000 upwards.

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