Sligo "up and running"

January 28, 2020

Sligo manager Paul Taylor. ©INPHO/Evan Logan.

Paul Taylor is pleased that Sligo’s footballers brought an end to their 13-game losing streak.

Victory over London in their league opener in Ruislip on Sunday handed the Yeats County their first competitive win since May, 2018 and their manager is now looking forward to a better run of results:

“We came to London to get two points and we got two points. We prepared well and didn’t take anything for granted. We’re happy with the result and we move on and concentrate on the next game,” he told The Irish Examiner.

“We are a while waiting for that win. We are going to make mistakes in games but there were so many positives. We are up and running now and we’ll look forward to the rest of the campaign.”

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