'73 star urges Limerick to stay grounded

July 17, 2018

Eamonn Cregan.
©INPHO/Morgan Treacy.

Eamonn Cregan believes Limerick need to keep a lid on the growing hype if they are going to bridge the 45-year gap.

Cregan starred on the Treaty side that captured the Liam MacCarthy Cup in 1973 and is optimistic that the current crop can emulate that historic success - if they stay grounded:

"People are talking about the 1973 team but that's in the past and these are going to make their own history," the Limerick hurling legend told The Irish Times.

"Listening to the radio, there was a lot of celebration and talk but that has to go out the door. We have a great capacity in Limerick that when we do well in a match, say win a Munster championship, people want players to go out and open pubs.

"Now, at the moment we've won nothing. There's no point in beating Kilkenny at the weekend and then losing to Cork the next day or to Galway or Clare in the All-Ireland final.

"John Kiely is doing a good job at keeping the lid on things. I watched Tom Morrissey's interview and he kept calm and treated it like any other match. There was no bravado."

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