Harbinson keen to have 'best players available'

October 12, 2017

Lenny Harbinson celebrates the All-Ireland victory with St Gall's

New Antrim football boss Lenny Harbinson says he wants to make sure that they have "the best players" available next season

Harbinson's appointment in the Saffron County was confirmed last month and, speaking in today's Irish News, he outlined his vision with the team.

"The key message going out to last year's players is they need to make sure they're fit and that they're training behind the scenes when they come for a trial game because I stipulated to the Football Review Committee that I want to search high and low for new talent and I don't care at what level - junior, intermediate or senior," Harbinson said.

"I want to make sure that we have the best players available on the field and for them to be the best they're going to have to be in the right shape, fitness-wise, diet-wise and whatever else.

"There are no guarantees. Just because somebody was there last year it's not going to be a given they'll be there this year."

On the need for Casement Park redevelopment, the Belfast man added: "It's very important to give young players a vision and an aspiration of playing at Casement Park. It's important those plans get passed because it's going to be an iconic stadium. For any youngster coming down from the south west (of the county) to play a club match in Belfast and drives past it, or indeed any youngster in Belfast, that's somewhere they will want to play."

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