'Dangerous talk' won't help Dublin, says Gooch

September 13, 2017

Kerry legend Colm 'Gooch' Cooper.
©INPHO/Oisin Keniry.

Colm Cooper doesn't subscribe to the theory that Dublin are going to dominate the gaelic football landscape for the forseeable future.

"Do I think Dublin will win the next five All-Irelands?" he asked in an interview with The Irish Examiner. "I don't. They could win this one, they could win the next one, but someone is going to come with a push and make the breakthrough... I'm not foolish enough to think that's going to go on forever."

The debate about splitting Dublin into two teams, for example, is an unnecessary distraction for Jim Gavin's three-in-a-row chasing team, according to the Gooch, ahead of this Sunday's Sam Maguire showdown.

"It's dangerous talk coming up to a final. If I was Stephen Rochford and Mayo I'd be delighted with all this sort of talk going on around the place.

"I'm sure he'll be planning his ambush and it would be a really sweet one for Mayo to win, given the exposure Dublin are getting for the way they are playing, and the levels they have reached."


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