Footage emerges of individual who took Cork sliotars and threw them into the terrace

July 11, 2017

A view of the pre-match parade before the 2017 Munster SHC final at Thurles ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

by Jackie Cahill

Conclusive footage has emerged of the individual who took a bag of sliotars from behind the Cork goal before last Sunday's Munster senior hurling final - before throwing it into the Killinan End terrace at Semple Stadium.

According to reports this morning (TUE), the Rebels are considering bringing an official complaint to the Munster Council in relation to the matter.

The video shows the man in question, dressed in a Clare training top, shorts and wearing a baseball cap, hovering with intent on the New Stand touchline.

A supporter in the stand has his camera phone trained on the man, who is seen drinking from a bottle of water before making his move.

It is not clear whether the individual in question is an official member of the Clare backroom team but he proceeds to make his way behind the Killinan End goal, patrolled by Cork goalkeeper Anthony Nash in the first half, before doubling back and picking up a red-coloured bag.

It has also been reported this morning that Cork had to replace the sliotars that were meant for Nash's use.

Munster Council officials are expected to launch an official investigation into the matter - and Clare may be asked to provide the identity of the man in question.

If Munster Council decide to proceed with an official charge, the individual could face a lengthy touchline ban, while Cork will also ask how he managed to get into a position where he could take the bag and then dispose of it.

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