Kernan missed half his intercounty career

January 10, 2017

Executive member Aaron Kernan at the Official launch of the Club Players Association

Aaron Kernan missed out on half of his intercounty career due to club commitments.

The former Young Footballer of the Year, who surprisingly announced his intercounty retirement in 2014, paid a huge price for the astonishing success of Crossmaglen Rangers on the national stage and believes the intercounty season should be wrapped up by early August to accomodate club players better:

"The big thing that always annoyed me was that I played ten years for Armagh and in that time I was very fortunate that I won seven [Ulster] club titles with Crossmaglen, but that meant that I missed at least half, or entire national league in seven out of my ten seasons," he told RTE.

"I missed over half my intercounty career to play one or two club games. It shouldn't really work like that.

"We were very fortunate what happened us at club level with Crossmaglen, but should Diarmuid Connolly, if St Vincent's win the All-Ireland club, miss practically an entire national league to play two games of football during that three month spell? I don't think he should.

"I think if we can condense the intercounty season, which frees up more time for the club, we can finish everything out in the one calendar year."

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