Lack of female stewards blamed for poor state of ladies toilets

November 07, 2018

TEG Cusack Park.
©INPHO/Tommy Grealy.

Westmeath GAA chairman Billy Foley has issued an appeal for female stewards at TEG Cusack Park following criticism of the ladies toilets at the Mullingar venue.

The poor state of the toilets were highlighted on social media with one spectator complaining: "People from Westmeath are paying €10-€20 per person into this establishment, week in week out and to see such scenes on county final day is just disgraceful."

Replying to the complaints in this week's Westmeath Topic, Foley pointed out that the county board could not clean up the ladies toilets on the day in question because of a lack of female stewards.

"We freely admit that there needs to be improvements carried out in Cusack Park, not just the ladies toilets but the whole place, but finances are a constraint," the Brownstown clubman said.

"With regards to the ladies toilets on that particular day, I must say I am disappointed that the lady in question did not come to some member of Westmeath GAA to report the problem, and then it could have been dealt with, rather than voice her opinions on social media.

"We addressed the issue as best we could the next day. The place was painted and the toilets have been improved dramatically. But we need women stewards. We have to get the word out there. We would be delighted if some women out there would volunteer. We tried to get them for the (senior) hurling final and we couldn't get any in the end, we had to get ladies to volunteer to help us who were not stewards.

"We are all volunteers and we can't get everything right."

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