Mannion "completely against" proposed rule changes

October 16, 2018

Dublin's Paul Mannion. ©INPHO/Bryan Keane.

Dublin star Paul Mannion has voiced his opposition to gaelic football’s proposed new rules.

The contentious rule changes that GAA chiefs are hoping to trial in next summer’s national league include limiting the number of handpasses, reintroducing the sin bin, an attacking mark and changes to sideline kicks and goal kicks.

“I personally think they’re a really bad idea, to be honest,” Kilmacud Crokes clubman Mannion is quoted in The Irish Sun. “I completely understand they are only proposals and are just suggestions,

“So we won’t know until a few of them are trialled — but my initial thoughts were just that they were pretty bad ideas. I don’t know how much kind of thought went into them or was there any kind of ­consultation process.

“But I just don’t see what they are trying to achieve or what it’s going to do. It is going to change the game in so many ways — if they were all introduced. Now, I know it’s unlikely they would all be implemented but it would just be a completely different game if all those were brought in. I would be ­completely against them.”

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