SFC round by round

March 13, 2018

The race for the Keegan Cup got underway on April 8th

The draws for the Senior football championship has throw up some very tasty ties.

Curraha versus neighbours Skryne should attack a large crowd. Keegan Cup holders Simonstown take on Dunboyne in round two. Both will have an eye on outright honours and if last years quarter final encounter is anything to go by this is one not to be missed. 

It's the battle of the towns in round 3 with O'Mahonys versus Gaeil Colmcille. The Kells men had three points to spare in their recent league encounter. Ratoath against Wolfe Tones in round 4 might go a long way in deciding who tops Group C. There's a repeat of the 2016 final in round five when holders Simonstown take on Donaghmore Ashbourne while Na Fianna and Summerhill provide a big local derby.

Top 3 teams in each division quailfy for the knockout stages

Preliminary quarter final draw B3 v C3

Quarter final draw 

(1) A1 v B3 or C3

(2) B1 v C2

(3) C1 v A3

(4) B2 v A2

Semi final

1 v 4

2 v 3

Relegation: 1 team to be relegated to IFC for 2019

Round 1 Group A

Dunshaughlin v Simonstown

Donaghmore/Ashbourne v Seneschalstown 

St Peter's, Dunboyne v Blackhall Gaels

Round 1 Group B

Skryne v Curraha 

Gaeil Colmcille v Summerhill 

O'Mahonys v Na Fianna

Round 1 Group C

St Patrick's v Ratoath 

St. Colmcille's v Rathkenny

Moynalvey v Wolfe Tones

Round 2 Group A

Simonstown v St Peter's, Dunboyne 

Blackhall Gaels v Donaghmore/Ashbourne 

Seneschalstown v Dunshaughlin 

Round 2 Group B

Curraha v O'Mahonys

Na Fianna v Gaeil Colmcille

Summerhill v Skryne

Round 2 Group C

Ratoath v Moynalvey

Wolfe Tones v St. Colmcille's

Rathkenny v St Patrick's

Round 3 Group A

Blackhall Gaels v Dunshaughlin 

Seneschalstown v  Simonstown

Donaghmore/Ashbourne v St Peter's, Dunboyne 

Round 3 Group B

Summerhill  v Curraha 

Gaeil Colmcille v O'Mahonys

Na Fianna v Skryne

Round 3 Group C

St. Colmcille's v Moynalvey

Wolfe Tones v St Patrick's

Rathkenny v Ratoath 

Round 4 Group A

Simonstown v Blackhall Gaels

Dunshaughlin v Donaghmore/Ashbourne 

Dunboyne v Seneschalstown 

Round 4 Group B

Curraha v Na Fianna 

Skryne v Gaeil Colmcille 

O'Mahonys v Summerhill 

Round 4 Group C

Ratoath v Wolfe Tones 

St Patrick's v St. Colmcille's 

Moynalvey v Rathkenny 

Round 5 Group A

Blackhall Gaels v Seneschalstown 

Donaghmore/Ashbourne v Simonstown 

St Peter's, Dunboyne v Dunshaughlin 

Round 5 Group B

Na Fianna v Summerhill 

Gaeil Colmcille v Curraha 

O'Mahonys v Skryne

Round 5 Group C

St. Colmcille's v Ratoath 

Moynalvey v St Patrick's 

Wolfe Tones v Rathkenny 


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