LiveTracker - Wednesday, January 9, 2019

McKenna Cup round 3
Donegal 1-20 Cavan 1-12, Ballybofey, 8pm FT
Down 4-18 QUB 1-05, Pairc Esler, 8pm FT
Armagh 0-13 Monaghan 1-09, Athletic Grounds, 8.10pm FT
Antrim 1-14 St Marys 0-09, Woodlands, 8pm FT
Derry 1-20 UU 0-07, Owenbeg, 8pm FT
Tyrone 0-10 Fermanagh 0-04, Healy Park, 8pm FT

9:52 PM


The line-up for the last four is confirmed. Armagh face Donegal and Tyrone take on Derry. Thanks for reading.

9:48 PM

Armagh, Donegal and Tyrone all through with 100% records. Derry are the best of the runners-up.

9:46 PM

By my reckoning, Sunday's semi-finals will be Donegal V Armagh and Tyrone V Derry.

9:46 PM

McKenna Cup full time: Armagh 0-13 Monaghan 1-9

Armagh hold on to record a third successive victory and top the group.

9:43 PM

No scores since in Armagh, where the hosts lead by one going into injury time.

9:42 PM

McKenna Cup full time: Antrim 1-14 St Marys 0-9

A confidence boost for the Saffrons ahead of the start of the league!

9:41 PM

McKenna Cup full time: Tyrone 0-10 Fermanagh 0-4

Silence greets the final whistle as the Red Hands top the group with three wins from three.

9:40 PM

Tyrone 0-10 Fermanagh 0-4

Harte's fifth free closes the scoring at Healy Park.

9:39 PM

3,641 in attendance at the Athletic Grounds, where Armagh are still ahead.

9:38 PM

McKenna Cup full time: Donegal 1-20 Cavan 1-12

Three out of three for the Ulster champions, who easily top their group.

9:37 PM

McKenna Cup full time: Derry 1-20 UUJ 0-7

A second successive victory for Derry, who won in Enniskillen on Sunday. They are in with a chance of reaching the semi-finals...

9:36 PM

Tyrone 0-9 Fermanagh 0-4

And Harte follows up with his fourth of the night, all from frees.

9:36 PM

Tyrone 0-8 Fermanagh 0-4

Stunning score by Coney off the outside of the boot.

9:35 PM

McKenna Cup full time: Down 4-18 Queens 1-5

A resounding victory for the Mourne County in Newry.

9:34 PM


Kevin Tierney pulls back a late consolation for Cavan.

9:34 PM

Fermanagh's Conal and Ryan Jones are both black-carded at the death.

9:31 PM

Armagh 0-13 Monaghan 1-9

Stefan Campbell for Armagh in the closest game of the night.

9:31 PM

Donegal 1-19 Cavan 0-10

Oisin Gallen gets a Donegal point. They really are moving well.

9:30 PM

Armagh 0-12 Monaghan 1-9

But Vinny Corey quickly responds.

9:29 PM

Armagh 0-12 Monaghan 1-8

And Rian O'Neill restores the hosts' lead.

9:29 PM

Armagh 0-11 Monaghan 1-8

Ryan Kennedy's point sets up a dramatic closing 15 minutes at the Athletic Grounds.

9:28 PM

Donegal 1-18 Cavan 0-10

Langan decides to swing over another point.

9:27 PM

Tyrone 0-7 Fermanagh 0-4

Goalkeeper Niall Morgan thumps over a lovely Tyrone score.

9:26 PM

Donegal 1-17 Cavan 0-10

Brennan and Cian Mackey register at either end.

9:26 PM

Armagh 0-10 Monaghan 1-8

Two on the trot from Beggan as Monaghan creep back in front.

9:25 PM

Tyrone 0-6 Fermanagh 0-4

Conan Grugan cancels out a Garan Jones free.

9:23 PM

Down 4-16 Queens 1-5

Corey Quinn makes it a 20-point match.

9:23 PM


Jamie Brennan finds the Cavan net and Donegal lead by ten, 1-16 to 0-9.

9:22 PM

Down 4-15 Queens 1-5

Just the 19 points between them.

9:21 PM

Armagh 0-10 Monaghan 1-7

A second Beggan free has the sides level again.

9:20 PM

Donegal 0-16 Cavan 0-9

The unerring Langan converts a free.

9:18 PM

Armagh 0-10 Monaghan 1-6

Jamie Clarke replies after a Jack McCarron free had levelled the scores.

9:17 PM

Donegal 0-15 Cavan 0-9

Langan (free) and O'Donnell add to the Donegal total as we approach the three-quarters stage.

9:16 PM

Armagh 0-9 Monaghan 1-5

Armagh complete the comeback as Grimley converts a free.

9:15 PM

Derry 1-14 UUJ 0-1

McAtamney stretches Derry's advantage as they ease towards the winning line.

9:14 PM

Donegal 0-13 Cavan 0-9

Goalkeeper Galligan nails a '45'.

9:13 PM

Armagh 0-8 Monaghan 1-5

An Aidan Forker brace has Armagh back on terms.

9:12 PM


Pierce Smith pulls one back for the Breffni County.

9:12 PM

Donegal 0-13 Cavan 0-7

Ryan McHugh gets himself a point on his return to action.

9:11 PM


Havern and Shane Annett add to Down's goals tally - 4-12 to 1-3 - quadruple scores!

9:09 PM

Armagh 0-6 Monaghan 1-5

Niall Grimley makes no mistake from an Armagh free.

9:09 PM

Tyrone 0-5 Fermanagh 0-3

David Mulgrew hits Tyrone's firsr score from play in the 43rd minute and Ciaran McLaughlin adds another.

9:08 PM

Derry 1-12 UUJ 0-1

Enda Lynn pops over a Derry free.

9:06 PM

Tyrone 0-3 Fermanagh 0-3

Kane Connor steers the visitors back in front but Harte's third converted free quickly equalises.

9:04 PM

A scuffle breaks out at Omagh as Kyle Coney enters the fray and is shouldered by Breen.

9:02 PM

Donegal 0-12 Cavan 0-6

Double scores once more thanks to Brennan.

9:02 PM


Thomas Treacy stands up well to deny Tyrone's Ronan O'Neill. Shot was straight at him.

9:01 PM

Donegal 0-11 Cavan 0-6

Martin McElhinney gets a point to mark his 100th appearance for Donegal.

9:00 PM

Fermanagh must be breaking some sort of record for backpasses tonight.

8:59 PM

Down 2-9 Queens 1-3

Conor McGrady posts another Down point.

8:59 PM

Derry 1-8 UUJ 0-0

Bradley's free gets the scoreboard moving again.

8:52 PM

That's all the half-time scores in ... second halves coming up very soon.

8:51 PM

McKenna Cup half time: Armagh 0-5 Monaghan 1-5

Armagh failed to get going in the first half at the Athletic Grounds.

8:49 PM

Armagh 0-5 Monaghan 1-5

Up steps goalkeeper Rory Beggan to ping over a Monaghan score on the stroke of half time.

8:48 PM

The evidence from Omagh tonight would suggest that the three-handpasses rule doesn't seem to work. Against a packed defence, the attacking team can't get through.

8:46 PM

Armagh 0-5 Monaghan 1-4

Campbell with Armagh's third in succession as the complexion of the game starts to change approaching the break.

8:44 PM

Armagh 0-4 Monaghan 1-4

Stefan Campbell follows up a Stephen Sheridan score as Armagh draw closer.

8:43 PM

Antrim 1-10 St Marys 0-3

Considering that St Marys drew with Monaghan, this has been good stuff so far from the Saffrons!

8:42 PM

McKenna Cup half time: Derry 1-7 UUJ 0-0

A ten-point advantage for the Oak Leaf men at the break.

8:41 PM

McKenna Cup half time: Down 2-8 Queens 1-3

The Mourne men reel off an unanswered 1-5 to assume control.

8:41 PM

McKenna Cup half time: Donegal 0-10 Cavan 0-6

Michael Langan the scorer-in-chief at Ballybofey so far; Cavan down to 14 men since the eighth minute.

8:40 PM

McKenna Cup half time: Tyrone 0-2 Fermanagh 0-2

I think it might be fair to say that was a poor opening period at Omagh. Silence as the players leave the field.

8:39 PM

Tyrone 0-2 Fermanagh 0-2

Harte fires over an injury-time free for the Red Hands.

8:38 PM


Emmett Bradley with the score for Derry, who lead UUJ by 1-6 to no score.

8:37 PM

Armagh 0-2 Monaghan 1-4

Jack McCarron increases Monaghan's lead.

8:36 PM

Donegal 0-10 Cavan 0-6

Paul Graham keeps the Breffni County ticking over.

8:35 PM

Armagh introduce Jamie Clarke off the bench. They trail Monaghan 1-3 to 0-2.

8:34 PM

Donegal 0-10 Cavan 0-5

A quick exchange between Madden and Langan at Ballybofey.

8:33 PM


Ryan Murray increases the Antrim lead to eleven - 1-10 to 0-2!

8:33 PM

Down 2-6 Queens 1-3

Conor Francis gives the scoreboard at Newry a symmetrical look.

8:32 PM

Antrim 0-10 St Marys 0-2

Patrick McBride leaves eight between the teams.

8:31 PM

Donegal 0-9 Cavan 0-4

Three in a row from Langan (free) and I make that five already for the full forward.

8:30 PM

A lot more fourth-handpass infringements than scores at Omagh!

8:29 PM

Donegal 0-8 Cavan 0-4

Langan from play this time and it's double scores.

8:28 PM

Armagh 0-1 Monaghan 1-3

David Garland pushes the Farney County five ahead.

8:27 PM

Tyrone 0-1 Fermanagh 0-2

Conal Jones nudges the visitors back ahead.

8:27 PM

Donegal 0-7 Cavan 0-4

Langan's free sails over as the three-point gap is restored.

8:26 PM

Derry 0-6 UUJ 0-0

Padraig Cassidy bags himself a point at Owenbeg.

8:25 PM


Declan McClements drills in Down's second goal. A Havern point then makes it 2-5 to 1-3.

8:24 PM

Tyrone 0-1 Fermanagh 0-1

Peter Harte's free opens the Red Hands' account in the 22nd minute.

8:23 PM

Donegal 0-6 Cavan 0-4

Langan (free) and O'Donnell the scorers for Donegal.

8:23 PM

Antrim 0-8 St Marys 0-2

Colm Duffin with an Antrim point.

8:22 PM

Down 1-4 Queens 1-3

Kevin McClorey restores the Mourne County's lead.

8:21 PM


Colm O'Neill has Queens back level with Down - 1-1 apiece!

8:20 PM

Armagh 0-1 Monaghan 1-1

McCarron follows up with a converted free.

8:18 PM


Jack McCarron fires a Monaghan penalty to the net.

8:18 PM

Donegal 0-4 Cavan 0-4

A brilliant equaliser from Madden, that's three without reply from the 14 men!

8:17 PM

Donegal 0-4 Cavan 0-3

A sweet strike from Cavan custodian Raymond Galligan.

8:16 PM

Still no score from Tyrone at Healy Park, where Fermanagh are quite comfortable.

8:15 PM

Derry 0-3 UUJ 0-0

Emmett Bradley supplies the third Derry score.

8:14 PM

Armagh 0-1 Monaghan 0-0

Mark Shields gets the Orchard County up and running in the first minute.

8:14 PM

Donegal 0-4 Cavan 0-2

Pierce Smith pulls one back for the 14 men.

8:13 PM

Derry 0-2 UUJ 0-0

Enda Lynn with the second Oak Leaf point of the night.

8:12 PM

Antrim 0-6 St Marys 0-0

Martin Johnston for the rampant hosts.

8:11 PM


Pat Havern delivers a ninth-minute Down major and they lead Queens by 1-3 to 0-1!

8:11 PM

Donegal 0-4 Cavan 0-1

Brennan fists over the fourth Donegal score.

8:10 PM

Red card!

Cavan have had David Phillips sent off after just eight minutes!

8:09 PM

Donegal 0-3 Cavan 0-1

Jamie Brennan doubles Donegal's advantage.

8:09 PM

Tyrone 0-0 Fermanagh 0-1

Aidan Breen fires one over in the seventh minute.

8:08 PM

Derry 0-1 UUJ 0-0

Conor McAtamney opens the scoring.

8:07 PM

Down 0-1 Queens 0-1

A Kieran Hughes free ties the scores up.

8:07 PM

A very cagey start in Omagh where the Fermanagh defence is ... packed.

8:06 PM

Antrim 0-3 St Marys 0-0

Kevin Quinn lofts over the third Saffrons score.

8:05 PM

Donegal 0-2 Cavan 0-1

Niall O'Donnell cancels out Conor Madden's equaliser.

8:03 PM

Donegal 0-1 Cavan 0-0

Michael Langan gives Donegal an early lead.

8:02 PM

Antrim 0-1 St Marys 0-0

Ryan Murray raises the first flag of the night!

7:59 PM

Throw-in at the Athletic Grounds has been put back ten minutes due to an accident.

7:56 PM

I think Tyrone are already through to the last four regardless of what happens tonight...

7:53 PM

Almost ready to go at Woodlands.

7:51 PM

Fairly foggy in Armagh and Omagh. Who needs occlusion goggles?

7:48 PM

In hurling news, Cian Dillon is the latest member of Clare's 2013 All-Ireland winning side to announce his intercounty retirement.

7:46 PM

Who'll be in Sunday's semis?

Lots of permutations exist as to the possible semi-final line-up after tonight's action but the likelihood is that we'll see most of these teams progress, if not all four: Tyrone, Armagh, Donegal, Cavan.

7:44 PM

Cian McManus, Tom Clarke and Conor McGee are all in for the start for the Ernemen. Eoin Donnelly one of those making way.

7:43 PM

Team news:

Tyrone starting as selected against Fermanagh, who make three late changes...

7:42 PM

Fog has been a bit of a problem tonight but it looks like it won't be affecting any of the games. Stay safe if you are out and about at any stage.

7:40 PM

Usually, at this time of year, the weather wreaks havoc with fixtures but it's incredibly mild for the second week of January.

7:39 PM

Welcome back! About 20 minutes until throw-in at all six venues.

5:36 PM

I'll be back later on tonight with text commentary from the action around the province.

5:35 PM


The three group winners will be joined in the last four by the best-placed runner-up.

5:35 PM

Group C

Tyrone are virtually assured of top place before their meeting with Fermanagh at Omagh. Derry entertain UUJ in the section's other game tonight.

5:34 PM

Group B

The winners from the derby clash of Armagh and Monaghan at the Athletic Grounds will top the section. Antrim host St Marys.

5:33 PM

Group A

There's a shootout between Donegal and Cavan at Ballybofey to see who tops the group and seals automatic progression to the last four. Down and Queens also meet at Newry in the same section.

5:30 PM

McKenna Cup

The semi-final line-up for this year's Dr McKenna Cup will be determined as six Round Three matches throw-in at 8pm.

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