LiveTracker - Sunday, September 2, 2018

All-Ireland SFC final
Dublin 2-17 Tyrone 1-14 FT

All-Ireland MFC final
Kerry 0-21 Galway 1-14 FT

5:17 PM

28 games unbeaten in championship football - will we ever witness the likes of this again? That's all from us - thanks for following our Tracker throughout this championship season!

5:15 PM

This is a very young side, too, so there is much more to come from them. Tyrone had their chances but a return of 16 wides speaks for itself.

5:15 PM

Only Kerry and Wexford have won four-in-a-row before. Cluxton is the first man to win four in a row as captain.

5:14 PM

No surprise at Croke Park today then as Jim Gavin lead's Dublin to an All-Ireland for the fifth time. They've won six of the last eight.

5:12 PM

All-Ireland SFC final full time: Dublin 2-17 Tyrone 1-14

Sub Michael Darragh MacAuley fists the last point as Dublin collect their fourth successive All-Ireland!

5:10 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-16 Tyrone 1-14

Kilkenny replies with his left foot.

5:09 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-15 Tyrone 1-14

Donnelly points from distance - looked like he was trying to drop the ball in to Cavanagh but it flew over.

5:08 PM

History maker

Small sent off in his second successive All-Ireland final.

5:07 PM

Exciting stuff here with five minutes of injury time left. Tyrone's wides tally is up to 16!

5:06 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-15 Tyrone 1-13

McManamon replies.

5:06 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-14 Tyrone 1-13

Just four between the teams as Brennan knocks over a free.

5:05 PM

Red card!

John Small is off for a second yellow card after fouling Harte!

5:05 PM

Seven added minutes! No idea why!

5:04 PM

Costello drops a tame effort short into Morgan's arms.

5:04 PM

Dublin clear their lines.

5:03 PM

Harte awarded a soft free.

5:03 PM

Ninety second left and Tyrone's tails are up all of a sudden.

5:03 PM

Brennan with Tyrone's 14th wide when they really needed another score.

5:01 PM


Harte buries the ball in the bottom right corner and the gap is back to five!

5:01 PM


McMahon pulls Cavanagh down under the dropping ball and Tyrone have a penalty in the 67th minute.

5:00 PM

Thirteen wides now for the visitors.

4:59 PM

Tyrone's big names were all utterly anonymous today, so there's more to this Dublin team than attacking football. They've also nullified all the threats - Sludden, Harte, Cavanagh and Donnelly.

4:57 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-14 Tyrone 0-12

Rock sticks his free into the Hill.

4:57 PM

Hampsey yellow-carded.

4:56 PM

Another very late Tyrone tackle goes in.

4:55 PM

Nine minutes left and this game is petering out.

4:54 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-13 Tyrone 0-12

Brennan boots over a free with eleven minutes left.

4:53 PM

On comes Kevin McManamon - he'll be looking for a goal, I'd imagine!

4:52 PM

They then attack and Hampsey is taken down.

4:52 PM

Eight points down, Tyrone move ponderously across midfield.

4:50 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-13 Tyrone 0-11

Rock steers over the '45' - 15 minutes left.

4:49 PM


A combination of Morgan and the post deny substitute Cormac Costello a third Dublin goal.

4:48 PM

McShane misses by miles.

4:47 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-12 Tyrone 0-11

More than a minute's possession is punctuated by a deft Fenton point on the run.

4:46 PM

Dublin playing keep ball over and back across the pitch. Tyrone can't get near them.

4:45 PM

The majority of Tyrone's eleven wides were poor - they will have a lot of regrets going home tonight.

4:44 PM

Poor wide from Richie Donnelly. Twenty minutes left - will there be a sting in the tail here? The Red Hands are hanging in admirably...

4:43 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-11 Tyrone 0-11

McShane hits back via the upright and there's still just those two goals between them.

4:42 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-11 Tyrone 0-10

Mannion with a stunning point for the holders!

4:42 PM

Black card for McGeary for obstruction.

4:41 PM

Burns replaces the ineffective Sludden.

4:40 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-10 Tyrone 0-10

Bradley with his second. Dublin are playing at around 60% of their powers.

4:40 PM

Sludden disposses McCaffrey.

4:39 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-10 Tyrone 0-9

Kilkenny ghosts inside and takes his point.

4:38 PM

Cluxton gathers an aimless kick in the general direction of the Dublin posts.

4:38 PM

Dublin go backwards and then give the ball away.

4:37 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-9 Tyrone 0-9

Terrific free from the ground by Brennan.

4:36 PM

Great defending by Padraig Hampsey.

4:35 PM

Sludden chalks up Tyrone's tenth wide.

4:35 PM

Lee Brennan replaces Meyler.

4:34 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-9 Tyrone 0-8

Twenty-year-old Brian Howard swings one over.

4:33 PM

McGeary hesitates and the moment passes.

4:32 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-8 Tyrone 0-8

Brian Fenton elegantly hits back.

4:31 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-7 Tyrone 0-8

McGeary knocks over another one!

4:31 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-7 Tyrone 0-7

McAliskey gives Mickey Harte's men a good start to the second half.

4:29 PM

The action resumes. Will Tyrone get back into this?

4:29 PM

The team are out for the second half.

4:24 PM

Other talking points

Another talking point in the first half was when Small went down after possibly being touched by Harte. Cavanagh could have been black-carded. The penalty was a stone-waller.

4:23 PM

It was amusing to see Philly McMahon awarded a mark for a ball he never held onto - but nobody was laughing in Tyrone at that one.

4:21 PM

Game over?

Dublin will be playing into the Hill in the second half, with a seven-point lead to protect, a brilliant bench, home advantage and experience of winning these games, not to mention a team packed with outstanding footballers.

4:19 PM

Rock clipped over five points in the first half, three of those from play.

4:11 PM

All-Ireland SFC final half tme: Dublin 2-7 Tyrone 0-6

Tyrone led by five points to one at the end of the opening quarter but have been utterly outclassed since then. The goals from Mannion (penalty) and Scully completely changed the complexion of the match.

4:09 PM

John Small goes down off the ball and is getting ice applied to his jaw. No red card for Harte, though.

4:08 PM

Tyrone fans not happy with Conor Lane and are voiding their displeasure.

4:08 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-7 Tyrone 0-6

Rock pops the free over in injury time.

4:07 PM

Colm Cavanagh rugby tackles O'Callaghan and it's a free in but no black card.

4:05 PM

McCaffrey misses a sitter from in front of the posts.

4:05 PM

Four added minutes at the end of the first half.

4:05 PM

Kieran McGeary hits Tyrone's ninth wide.

4:04 PM

The Dublin fans have found their voices!

4:03 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 2-6 Tyrone 0-6

Rock pops one over in the 33rd minute and it's double scores.

4:02 PM

The Dubs now owning the ball.

4:02 PM

The brilliant Tyrone start has been well and truly extinguished by those goals from Mannion and Scully.

4:00 PM

Bad wide from Kilkenny at the other end.

4:00 PM

Terrible Tyrone wide from an impossibe angle.

4:00 PM

Dublin have outscored Tyrone by 2-4 to 0-1 so far in the second quarter.

3:58 PM


Niall Scully hits Dublin's second goal! O'Callaghan went through and laid it on a plate for his team-mate, who palms to an empty net - 2-5 to 0-6!

3:57 PM


Dublin lose Cian O'Sullivan, with Mick Fitzsimons taking his place.

3:56 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 1-5 Tyrone 0-6

McCaffrey drops one over the bar via Morgan's fingertips.

3:55 PM

A Mannion intervention in front of the Hill denies Tyrone a goal chance!

3:54 PM

Kilkenny overcarries and it's a free out.

3:54 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 1-3 Tyrone 0-6

McShane calmly halves the deficit.

3:53 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 1-4 Tyrone 0-5

Two in a minute for Rock, who takes his point.

3:52 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 1-3 Tyrone 0-5

Rock from play and Dublin lead after 22 minutes!

3:51 PM


After a long delay, Mannion tucks his shot into the top right corner with the left boot and the sides are level!

3:50 PM

Mannion to take - he was fouled by McCann.

3:49 PM


Paul Mannion's effort goes wide but only because he was being fouled - penalty to Dublin!

3:48 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Tyrone 0-5 Dublin 0-2

Ciaran Kilkenny musters Dublin's second on 18 minutes.

3:48 PM

Bad wide from McShane as we go into the second quarter with Tyrone dominant.

3:47 PM

Tyrone nonchalantly knocking the ball around...

3:47 PM

O'Callaghan drops a Dublin effort short. Jim Gavin might need to go to the bench already.

3:46 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Tyrone 0-5 Dublin 0-1

McAliskey from play this time. Dublin are all over the place.

3:45 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Tyrone 0-4 Dublin 0-1

Connor McAliskey fires the free over into Hill 16 in the 15th minute!

3:44 PM

Now Tyrone have a free-in. They are completely on top at the moment!

3:43 PM

Lots of jeering and Rock misses again!

3:43 PM

O'Callaghan is dragged back and it's another free in.

3:41 PM

John Small adds to Dublin's wides tally. They are rattled!

3:40 PM

Sludden with a wide.

3:40 PM

Ten minutes played - some start from Tyrone here!

3:39 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-3

Two bad Stephen Cluxton restarts already - wing back Tiernan McCann with the underdogs' third!

3:38 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-2

Mark Bradley with the game's first score from play!

3:37 PM

All-Ireland SFC final: Dublin 0-1 Tyrone 0-1

Free in Tyrone for a Jonny Cooper foul off the ball - Harte nails it!

3:37 PM

Mattie Donnelly pulls down Con O'Callaghan and Rock takes the free from the ground this time but drags it tamely left and wide.

3:35 PM

A lot of Tyrone fouling so far.

3:34 PM

Wide from Philly McMahon. Dublin are just running straight through the Tyrone defenders at will.

3:34 PM

Jack McCaffrey drops a weak shot into Niall Morgan's arms. Tyrone hit a third wide.

3:33 PM

Mark Bradley delivers another bad Tyrone wide.

3:32 PM


Dean Rock taps over from outside the D.

3:32 PM

Peter Harte pulls Niall Scully down and Dublin have a free. Colm Cavanagh down injured.

3:30 PM

Cathal McShane boots a shot well wide.

3:30 PM

Game on!

Conor Lane throws the ball in!

3:30 PM

What a deafening roar to precede the action!

3:29 PM

Croke Park is a sea of blue and red - including Hill 16! The national anthem never sounded sweeter - we are ready to rumble with the season's climax!

3:28 PM


Four in a row or four in total?

3:27 PM

If Dublin play to their potential, then they will certainly win - but will they be at 100%?

3:26 PM

Can the Red Hands upset the odds? It'll take some display to beat Dublin!

3:25 PM

Both sets of players look very focussed.

3:24 PM

Hairs standing on the back of necks time as the teams parade around sunny Croker behind the Artane Boys Band.

3:21 PM

Tyrone's entire extended squad warmed up, including the unlucky Cathal McCarron.

3:20 PM

There'll be a bout of ceremonial handshaking before we taste any action.

3:20 PM

The decibel levels are rising here in Croker with ten minutes left before throw-in.

3:13 PM

Dublin win the toss and elect to play into the Davin End in the first half.

3:10 PM

Twenty minutes to throw-in. Music blasting out around Croke Park. Not very good music but the football will hopefully make up for that!

3:07 PM

Team news:

Dublin look set to start as per programme, but you never know...

3:06 PM

Team new:

Two late changes for the Red Hands: Rory Brennan and Conor Meyler come if for for Frank Burns and Richard Donnelly.

3:04 PM

Dublin appear. It's roasting in Dublin 3. And the temperature is going to rise for the next couple of hours!

3:03 PM

The Dubs were due out first but haven't bothered yet.

3:02 PM

The Tyrone players sprint out onto the pitch and a massive roar goes up.

3:00 PM

Memories of '95

I lost a €40 bet to Leitrim scribe Tommy Conlon when Tyrone lost the 1995 final to Dublin. I won't be backing the Red Hands today, though.

2:59 PM

Team news:

Bernard Brogan won't feature for Dublin at all today. He's omitted from the match-day squad following his cruciate operation. He has been involved since but won't be risked in the final.

2:55 PM

Tyrone (All-Ireland SFC final v Dublin): N Morgan; M McKernan, R McNamee, P Hampsey; T McCann, F Burns, P Harte; C Cavanagh, C McShane; M Donnelly, N Sludden, K McGeary; M Bradley, R Donnelly, C McAliskey.

2:54 PM

Dublin (SF v Tyrone): Stephen Cluxton; Philly McMahon, Cian O'Sullivan, Eoin Murchan; John Small, Jonny Cooper, Jack McCaffrey Brian Fenton , James McCarthy; Niall Scully, Con O'Callaghan, Brian Howard; Paul Mannion, Ciarán Kilkenny, Dean Rock.

2:52 PM

The contrast between how these teams reached the final could hardly be starker. Dublin eased through, winning every game at a canter. Tyrone just about got there, losing twice and picking up a couple of fortunate enough wins as well. But they are here on merit and every game is on the day. Even though it's hard to make an argument for them winning today, the game will be won or lost from 3:30 onwards. Everything else goes out the window. That's the beauty of sport. It really is unpredictable.

2:46 PM

I loved that Derry team - Gormley, Tohill, Downey, Gilligan and Brolly of course.

2:44 PM

Derry's 1993 All-Ireland winning team is being honoured at Croke Park today. Who'll be back in 1943 - Dublin or Tyrone?

2:27 PM

Okay, time to draw breath - Dublin V Tyrone is just an hour away! The atmpsphere in and around Jones Road has been electric all morning and afternoon. It's about to get even better!

2:26 PM

Inspirational winning captain O'Shea receives the silverware. A historic achievement for the Kingdom - the first-ever intercounty five-in-a-row!

2:24 PM

That was a quite wonderful curtain-raiser contested by two magnificent teams. If the senior match is as good as that one, we are in for a treat.

2:22 PM

All-Ireland MFC final full time: Kerry 0-21 Galway 1-14

Sub Jack O'Connor (free) and Falvey with the last two scores as Kerry win their fifth minor title in a row!

2:20 PM

Paul O'Shea wins vital possession for the Kingdom, who have no interest in playing down the clock, refreshingly.

2:20 PM

Galway's free goes right and wide. Are they going to run out of time?

2:19 PM

Two minutes of injury time left.

2:18 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Kerry 0-19 Galway 1-14

Sub Oisin Gormley has the gap back to three. We're int he 64th minute now.

2:16 PM


Super sub Ó Beaglaoich fires his third for the Munster champions.

2:15 PM

The hour is up but there will be six minutes of injury time.

2:14 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Kerry 0-18 Galway 1-13

Walsh blasts over the lead point from close range and Falvey immediately adds another!

2:13 PM

Two minutes left and the sides are still level.

2:13 PM

Galway clear their lines after Kerry are awarded a dubious free.

2:11 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Kerry 0-16 Galway 1-13

Culhane with his second and the sides are level again with four minutes left.

2:10 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Kerry 0-16 Galway 1-12

Ó Beaglaoich then gets his second point - an excellent finish from distance!

2:09 PM


Ó Beaglaoich fists an effort onto the right upright at the Davin End.

2:08 PM


Superb point by Galway midfielder Paul Kelly!

2:07 PM

Amazing defending by Kerry's Conor Flannery!

2:07 PM

Lenihan wide. Nerves showing with eight minutes to go.

2:06 PM

Walsh pulls a free wide; Galway carry the ball into the tackle at the other end.

2:05 PM


Ten minutes left and Galway wing back Cathal Sweeney needs to be replaced.

2:04 PM


Rahilly cancels out a Galway point from substitute Tomo Culhane. Kerry sub Ruaidhri then restores their advantage.

2:00 PM

We're into the fourth quarter.

1:59 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Galway 1-10 Kerry 0-13

On 44 minutes, a Cooley free produces Galway's first score of the second half and the sides are level again.

1:58 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Kerry 0-13 Galway 1-9

Geaney on target and Kerry are back in front!

1:57 PM


Rahilly hammers over a stunning point and the Kingdom are level with four unanswered points in the first twelve minutes of the second half!

1:56 PM

Cooley misses an easy free; Galway's composure has deserted them for the time being.

1:54 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Galway 1-9 Kerry 0-11

Geaney bangs over the Kingdom's fifth successive point.

1:54 PM

Galway mess up an attack, they're still without a second-half score.

1:53 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Galway 1-9 Kerry 0-10

Walsh wins and brilliantly dispatches a Kerry free.

1:52 PM

How important will those two Keliher saves be when the final whistle sounds? Galway could be nine points ahead but it's only three.

1:51 PM


So close to a second Galway goal as Kelliher save brilliantly with his foot!

1:50 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Galway 1-9 Kerry 0-9

The ball breaks to Michael Lenihan and he arrows it over the bar.

1:49 PM

No second-half score yet. We're in the 35th minute already.

1:49 PM

Barbers in Galway and Kerry must have been flat out in the run-up to today.

1:47 PM

A poor Galway effort drops short.

1:46 PM

Geaney throws some grass in the air and then fires his free wide.

1:45 PM

The action resumes on a wonderful day at Croke Park.

1:43 PM

I was very impressed by the distribution of Galway goalkeeper Donie Halloran during that first half. Brilliant kicking.

1:34 PM

All-Ireland MFC final half time: Galway 1-9 Kerry 0-8

Kerry led by four points to one after ten minutes; Galway struck 1-7 without reply; the Kingdom notched four of the last five points to get back in contention by the short whistle. All to play for.

1:32 PM


Walsh pulls back a classy point. Falvey smashes over another.

1:31 PM

Two minutes of injury time being played...

1:30 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Galway 1-9 Kerry 0-6

Raftery's second makes it double scores after 30 minutes.

1:30 PM

Wide from Cooley, one of those gifted players who can take frees from the ground with either foot.

1:28 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Galway 1-8 Kerry 0-6

Midfielder Darragh Rahilly is happy to fist another Kerry point as we approach the break.

1:27 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Galway 1-8 Kerry 0-5

Killian Falvey registers Kerry's first point since the tenth minute.

1:26 PM


Liam Judge has all the time in the world to make it 1-7 without reply!

1:25 PM


Centre back Tony Gill is on hand to slot to the net first time with his left after the initial effort was saved - 1-7 to 0-4 to Galway!

1:24 PM

A Galway goal chance flies inches wide!

1:23 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Galway 0-7 Kerry 0-4

Cooley taps over another free.

1:22 PM


Five in a row for the dominant Tribe as Cooley chips over a free from the ground.

1:21 PM

The Tribesboys have landed the last four points.

1:20 PM


Raftery whacks over a stupendous Galway lead point off his left boot!

1:18 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Kerry 0-4 Galway 0-4

Cooley thumps over an easy free and the sides are level! Eighteen minutes played.

1:18 PM

Anywhere else but straight at the goalie and the net would have rippled...

1:17 PM


An amazing block from Kerry goalkeeper Marc Kelliher to keep out Tinney's fisted effort from just inches out. Should have been a goal for Galway, really.

1:15 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Kerry 0-4 Galway 0-3

The Connacht champions very much in the game as Eoghan Tinney spins to fire over a beauty. We're halfway through the first half.

1:14 PM

Geaney off target again. Galway's marking wasn't great there.

1:13 PM

Ditto Monahan.

1:13 PM

Left and wide from Kerry's Dylan Geaney.

1:11 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Kerry 0-4 Galway 0-2

Matthew Cooley with Galway's first score in ten minutes - a superb strike!

1:10 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Kerry 0-4 Galway 0-1

O'Shea nonchalantly drops over a free off the deck from outside the '45'.

1:09 PM

The Munster champions have looked ultra slick so far.

1:08 PM


Walsh blazes a left-footed effort over the black spot at the Hill 16 end.

1:07 PM


Galway unlucky at the end of a nice kick-passing move that brought them the length of the pitch.

1:06 PM

Good defending by Kerry's David Mangan.

1:06 PM

All-Ireland MFC final: Galway 0-1 Kerry 0-2

Paul O'Shea strokes over a '45' after Paul Walsh's attempt was blocked down. Centre back Dan McCarthy then raids forward to spear the lead point.

1:03 PM

Narrowly wide from Galway captain Conor Raftery.

1:02 PM


Wing back Ryan Monahan fires the opeing point off his left boot at the Davin End inside 20 seconds

1:00 PM

Game on!

Sean Hurson from Tyrone gets us started!

12:58 PM

Don't think I've ever seen the Croke Park's pitch looking so resplendent. Handshakes now as throw-in approaches.

12:57 PM

Huddles prior to throw-in in the Croker sunshine.

12:55 PM


Kerry are bidding for a remarkable fifth successive minor crown. They've taken the change to U17 very much in their stride.

12:54 PM

All-Ireland final day is one of those where it's okay to have a bar of chocolate for breakfast. That alone is a reason to love it.

12:32 PM

The minor match commences at 1pm, with the main course due to be served up at 3:30.

12:30 PM

Galway (All-Ireland MFC final v Kerry): Donie Halloran; Ethan Walsh, Sean Black, Cian Deane; Ryan Monahan, Tony Gill, Cathal Sweeney; Paul Kelly, Conor Raftery; Liam Judge, Aidan Halloran, Sean Horkan; Eoghan Tinney, Daniel Cox, Matthew Cooley.

12:29 PM

Kerry (All-Ireland MFC final v Galway): Marc Kelliher; Conor Flannery, Owen Fitzgerald, David Mangan; Colm Moriarty, Dan McCarthy, Dan Murphy; Darragh Rahilly, Darragh Lyne; Paul Walsh, Paul O'Shea, Killian Falvey; Dylan Geaney, Patrick D'arcy, Michael Lenihan.

12:29 PM

The Kingdom beat Monaghan in their semi-final, while Galway enjoyed an excellent victory over Meath.

12:28 PM

MFC final

Before the drama of the All-Ireland SFC final, there's a mouth-watering minor decider to take in - underage specialists Kerry against Galway in a game that could go right down to the wire.

12:26 PM


The first team ever to qualify for an All-Ireland final despite losing twice, the Red Hands' resilience has seen them into a first decider in ten years. Can they deliver the performance of a lifetime at HQ this afternoon / evening to see off one of the GAA's greatest ever sides?

12:24 PM


The Dubs have come into this game on the back of a trademark run of victories, easing through Leinster before winning all three of their Super 8s matches and seeing off Galway in the last four. They are red-hot favourites to maintain their 100% record and retain the silverware.

12:20 PM

Tyrone have won three previous All-Irelands under Mickey Harte - in 2003, '05 and '08. This is their first appearance in the final in a decade.

12:19 PM

Dublin are of course bidding to win the Sam Maguire Cup for the fourth year running and the sixth time in eight years.

12:17 PM

The big one!

The talking stops today as Dublin and Tyrone contest the 2018 All-Ireland SFC final.

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