Mohill keen to drive on

October 11, 2018

Success is not guaranteed is the statement being drilled into the younger Mohill players this week.

That is according to youngster Ronan Gordon who states in the Leitrim Observer that the older players in the squad won’t let them take anything for granted.

This has been a golden period for the club, but for the older players, they have seen the quieter times too and they are not shy about letting the younger players know this.

There are no guarantees in Gaelic football. That seems to be message the emerging ranks of young footballers in Mohill are hearing from their older teammates if the words of Ronan Gordon are anything to go by.

“I know Danny (Beck) and Ciaran (Kennedy) waited a long time from ‘06 to 15 to win a final again,” stated the talented Gordon.

“The other lads in the group, my age and maybe two or three years older, maybe between 20 and 23, we played in a lot of underage finals and we took it for granted when we came in. 2015 was only my second year in the team but it was like ah yeah, get to a final.

“But the lads who have been here a while, they were saying to drive it on, they waited nine years to win a second title and they say to us every year, this might be your last one. Danny was 21 in 2006, Ciaran was 23 and when 2015 came along, they thought they might never get to another one.”

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