6 out of 10 women who play sport are less likely to feel depressed #SeriousSupport

August 30, 2017

A study by Lidl Ireland revealed that playing team sports helps women build a strong set of life skills, like better mental well-being, dealing with pressure and self-confidence.

A new study commissioned by Lidl Ireland demonstrates the positive effect playing sport has on the health and well-being of young women and girls in Ireland. 

Research proves that girls who play sport report feeling less depressed, less lonely, happier and more supported. 

Women that play sport report feeling more inspired, less overwhelmed and less depressed. 

When it comes to 'feeling depressed every so often', 13% of women who play sport feel this way compared to 27% of women who do not play sport. 

When it comes to being 'overwhelmed weekly' - this affects 13% of women who play sport while 26% of women who don't play sport are affected. 

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