Grehan, Stephen

28 August 2000
Taken from Hogan Stand magazine August 2000

Kilkenny’s Stephen Grehan

Name: Stephen Grehan

Date of Birth: 30-12-1971

Height: 6’2"

Weight: 12 1/2st

Boot Size: 11

Club: Fenians (Johnstown)

County: Kilkenny

GAA Honours: 1 Leinster Senior (99), 1 club senior League , 1 Senior Vocational School All-Ireland, 1 Minor County medal (Roinn A)

Other Sporting Achievements: Leinster and All-Ireland Athletics medals, 2 K+DL soccer medals, Player of the Year soccer

Toughest Opponent: All opponents

Favourite Food: Chinese, fast food

Hobbies: Cinema, reading, music, golf, most other sports, socialising when time permits

Vices: Manchester United

Nominate World’s laziest person: PJ Ryan

Most embarrassing moment: Too many to mention

Favourite Players: Billy Fitzpatrick, Ger Henderson

Sports legend you most admire: Michael Jordan

Influences on your career: My father, family

Chosen specialist subject on ’Mastermind’: Sport

Biggest Disappointment: Losing last year’s All-Ireland and three county finals with my club

Favourite Olympic Sport: 400 hurdles

Favourite Cartoon Character: Johnny Bravo

Ideal drinking company: My wife and my friends

GAA Gripes: Players not looked after well enough, not enough money pumped back into the game

Relatives involved in gaelic games: All my family

Favourite Actor: Steve Segal

What film would you most like to star in: Basic Instinct

Favourite Book: The General

Favourite Music: Dance music

What would you do if you won the lotto: Nothing, my wife Anne would spend it for me

If you happened to chance upon a time machine, where would you travel and when: The USA - 1800’s (to see how the west was won)

Dream Bath-tub companion: Wife or Jennifer Anniston

How would you like to be remembered: A good husband, a good friend and humurous

How do you think you’ll be remembered: The skinny fella who slagged everyone




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