Dowling to miss Munster final

November 07, 2017

Na Piarsaigh's Shane Dowling.
©INPHO/Lorraine O'Sullivan.

Na Piarsaigh forward Shane Dowling won't hurl again until next year after undergoing surgery - at the hands of a Ballygunner man!

Dowling picked up a cartilage injury in the Limerick county final last month and expected to be out of action for around three weeks. But, when he went under the knife, it was discovered that he had a fractured knee and surgeon Tadhg O'Sullivan, whose four sons are involved with Ballygunner, had to carry out a more complicated procedure, which has ruled the Na Piarsaigh ace out of the Munster Club SHC final - against Ballygunner! - on November 19th:

"When he went in to do the operation, he found a fracture in my knee. There was a big hole inside in my knee as well, so he had to do a job on that which is after setting me back until the New Year. I'll be six weeks on crutches and I've another month of that to go, it's a holy disaster I won't be running until the New Year," Treaty attacker Dowling told Off The Ball.

"If there was a hole in my knee or not I don't know... Ah no, I actually do know because he showed me the proof afterwards just in case I thought he was kidding me. But it's just funny how it turned out.

"We were slagging before the operation about the hurling or whatever because we knew we had a chance of getting there and they knew they had a chance of getting there. As it turned out that's the case now, so I'm going to blame him one way or the other anyway."

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