RTÉ pundit criticises Sky deal

July 10, 2017

Michael Duignan on the Sunday Game.

Michael Duignan says it's a 'disgrace' that Saturday night's All-Ireland hurling qualifier between Waterford and Kilkenny wasn't shown on RTÉ.

Instead, Sky Sports had the rights to show the extra-time thriller which resulted in a first Waterford championship victory over the Cats in 58 years. Duignan was perturbed by the fact that many genuine hurling fans couldn't see the game, including his 83-year-old father who doesn't have Sky Sports.

"To me, the biggest disgrace of the weekend was on Saturday evening, that that Waterford and Kilkenny match wasn't shown on free-to-air in this country," he blasted on The Sunday Game.

"I think the Sky deal is so wrong on so many levels and it's not because I'm in RTÉ, working for The Sunday Game.

"My parents are at home, my father's 83 years of age, a savage hurling man. Why should he have to go the pub, he doesn't go the pub, to watch a match?

"They have enough money, there's enough money in the GAA, how much money do you want? What about the people who support the game all of their lives, and they can't watch it? I think it's disgraceful."

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