'You'd love your sister to be going out with one of them'

June 16, 2017

Kilkenny's Jackie Tyrrell.
©INPHO/Cathal Noonan.

Jackie Tyrrell believes Waterford are too nice and need to add an 'intimidation factor' to their game if they're to end their All-Ireland famine any time soon. 

The former teak-tough Kilkenny defender writes in today's Irish Times: "My impression of Waterford all along is that they're a nice team. You'd love your sister to be going out with one of them. Bigger teams can get away with looking down on them, seeing them as a team that tends to take two steps forward and one step back. They have no intimidation factor. There's no dirt in them - and to be very honest about it, they could do with some. Or at least the threat of some.

"They have a real chance this weekend to lay down some markers. They're going to be faced with a young Cork team that has a totally false impression of what championship hurling is. All those young lads who had a field day for Cork against Tipperary must be having the time of their lives over the last month. Summer time, no stress, everyone falling over themselves to tell them how great they are.

"Waterford should be rubbing their hands together at the sight of them. When you're in your infancy as a team like Cork are, you're very vulnerable. You don't know what it takes. And worse, if you've got a big win out of nowhere, you think you know what it takes. You haven't a clue. Waterford do know and they need to be using that knowledge to their advantage. Otherwise, what were the last three years for?"

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