Kenny expects Deise to adopt defensive approach

June 16, 2017

Tom Kenny expects Waterford to throw up a defensive wall against Cork on Sunday.

The Rebels produced a dazzling display to beat All-Ireland champions in last month's Munster SHC quarter-final, and Kenny feels Waterford will be eager to avoid a "shoot-out" with them.

"Waterford will try to close down space. I think they'll probably set up with a defensive sweeper - I don't see why they wouldn't; they only tend to go for games when they're behind," the former Cork star told the Irish Examiner.

"I don't think they'll want to take Cork on in a shoot-out because Cork would traditionally be good at that kind of game.

"From Cork's point of view, what's the potential problem? It's a high-risk game. Mark Coleman is a fantastic striker of the ball, he's very good at that and was obviously told before the Tipp game to strike the ball across the field to find the likes of Patrick Horgan or Alan Cadogan on the opposite wing.

"Waterford will seek to try to cut that out. If it breaks down then the other side of the field is open for Waterford to attack, so it's high risk if the ball doesn't go to hand for the forward. That said, Cork brought in huge intensity and tackling with their forwards, and that could get them over the line."

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