Kavanagh highlights CPA role

January 20, 2017

CPA Executive Member Derek Kavanagh believes that making players aware of their cause is their main focus at the moment.

The Club Players' Association is still very much in the fledgling stage and Kavanagh admitted to the Southern Star that the present was all about informing players of what the association stands for.

'Fix the Fixtures' is the CPA's motto at the moment as they look to address an ongoing issue that has plagued the GAA for many years.

"There are a few elements to it," said Kavanagh. "The first bit is just the launch, with TV and radio and newspapers, just raising awareness. What we're starting next is a regional, grass-roots based spreading of the word, literally putting posters up in a club.

"It's not until people see it at club level that they begin to trust it, because I know what the psyche of a GAA player is like, I played from I was four until I was 30.

"A GAA player will say 'I want to train, and I want to play. I do want to go to any AGM, I do not want to think about any meetings. Getting me to pay my subscription is more than enough, and in fact I'll be four months late paying subscription.

"They don't want to think about the politics and you just have to convince them that this is quite simply right versus wrong and there is no other motive involved.

"I've had too many conversations with a guy in a dressingroom or in a bar, they will end with 'Someone has to do something' - we're here and we're trying to do something."

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