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Lee Keegan throwing GPS at Rock? - 13 Like(s)
I saw it on TSG now, just something coming at him as he was kicking it. Didn't realise it was Keegan throwing his tracker. Absolutely scandalous behaviour if true

GeniusGerry (National) - 17/09/2017 23:15:55

Gooch In A World Of His Own - 10 Like(s)

Replying To CornAghais91:  "Yerra a magician no doubt. The greatest do it on the biggest days. AI final 2015...Cooper the magician disappeared that day. Yes he was a great player, no doubt. GOAT? No chance."
He showed up plenty of big days. He was long past his best really after that bad injury in 2014, never the same when he got back. I don't think he is the greatest ever either but picking one bad game late in his career to prove the point is really disingenuous.

GeniusGerry (National) - 02/08/2019 21:17:57

RTE TV Coverage - 10 Like(s)

Replying To LarryOBrother:  "Meath are at best No.10 ranked team in the country, on a par to Carlow in Hurling. Westmeath are probably on a par to Westmeath in Hurling. If carlow were playing westmeath in hurling would you call it a top tier game? Get my point???? RTE have it dead right in my opinion, show top class hurling early on and then show the Football when the cream starts rising to the top. Anybody dissapointed can just take the drastic step of going to the match themselves."
This is the reality, the Leinster and Munster hurling is the equivalent of the Super 8's in football. They are always going to show the games that will attract the biggest viewership. One gripe I have about the coverage overall is that the Sunday game is so awful. They show extended highlights of games that we have already seen live and then talk incessantly about them. You barely get a 30 second snippet of other games that may have been very good. If there is both hurling and football on that day and you are not from one of the top counties you may as well forget it! Surely there is an opening for a longer magazine style highlights show, even if it was web based and came out on the Monday I would be happy with that, or TG4 could do it. The overall coverage across both codes is really poor imo.

GeniusGerry (National) - 01/05/2019 12:00:24

RTE - Change Of Direction - 10 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "Dancing with the "stars""
And paying tubridy and co the guts of a half a million a piece GAA coverage on RTE is poor quite frankly. I have sky and watch most of the bigger games on that the coverage and analysis is miles ahead of RTE unfortunately

GeniusGerry (National) - 12/01/2019 00:36:13

Kerry V Dublin - 10 Like(s)
Nobody is going to lose sleep over anything on here. It's just annoying when any half decent debate gets dragged in to a childish slagging match. Always the same people involved who contribute nothing otherwise.

GeniusGerry (National) - 09/02/2019 08:53:20

The Drinking Ban - 10 Like(s)

Replying To ISupposeSoSheehan:  "Couldn't agree more with Lee Keegan on this. Nothing wrong with a few pints. Too much is being asked of players nowadays. Thoughts?"
He is dead right. Remember that toughest trade programme where Lee Chin, Brendan Maher and a few other went to train with pro teams? They couldn't get over the drinking ban GAA players had to endure. Excessive drinking can't be tolerated in high level sport any more but there must be a sensible balance somewhere in between that and tee total for 6-8 months of the year. No wonder so many players are turning their backs on the game. The demands on current players are gone way beyond what is reasonable for amateur players.

GeniusGerry (National) - 17/04/2019 16:43:00

Donegal's Motion Fails - 9 Like(s)

Replying To MesAmis:  "Donegal couldn't get the game moved from Croke Park in 2018 for 2018 but there was nothing stopping them, or any other county for that matter, bringing a motion for 2019 on. Donegal were indeed seething at having to play 2 away games. A lot of their ire should have been directed inwards as they voted, along with a lot of others, to give Dublin 2 home games in the first place. It was clear from the beginning it was unfair. Kildare proved last year that the "GAA", "Croke Park", "HQ" or the "Top Brass" are only as powerful as they're let to be. Uselessly complaining about things doesn't get things changed, it requires someone to actually do something. Giving Dublin one home game, one away game and one neutral game is very doable and should be in place already but for ineptitude."
I think the position was made very clear in 2018 and the GAA were going to work against any motion that aimed to get either game moved, and they have all the funding / power. In an era of collapsing attendances they do not want to leave a penny after them. You feel it failed on ineptitude, I and many others feel that any motion to that effect was doomed because the powers that be will always get their way, we'll agree to disagree. Kildare situation is not comparable as the home / away arrangement for qualifiers are very clear and they did not have to get the approval of a corrupt congress.

GeniusGerry (National) - 27/02/2019 12:48:08

Kerry V Mayo - 9 Like(s)
Congrats to mayo deservedly coming out on top of a good competitive game in dreadful conditions. Aidan O'Shea was incredible and the tackling and workrate all over the field was immense. Kerry hopefully will have learned more tonight than they did in any of the wins to date. Serious issues in defence and midfield I am afraid.

GeniusGerry (National) - 16/03/2019 20:53:48

Conor Cox - 9 Like(s)
Cox is doing well but with Kerry going with a two man full forward line there are too many ahead of him and I don't think he was ever going to get game time, definitely not in the championship anyway. Clifford, Geaney, Walsh, O'Brien and JOD are all definitely ahead of him in there and then you've Spillane, O'Se, Brosnan, Shaw and McCarthy all looking for spots too. Barry John cant even make the extended panel. There probably hasn't ever been a tougher time to be looking to break in to the Kerry inside line. Good luck to him though, fine player.

GeniusGerry (National) - 09/03/2019 14:42:50

RTE - Change Of Direction - 9 Like(s)

Replying To bennybunny:  "And TG4 is better too.. In my opinion at least. I hope RTÉ expanded coverage doesn't squeeze TG4. They have been brilliant these last 20 years or so. Compared to RTÉ punditry it wouldn't be hard"
Yes than god for TG4 they have carved out a nice niche for themselves I don't know how profitable it is for them but they are doing a great job. Their club coverage in particular is excellent. I don't mind RTE's game coverage for the most part it's the analysis that annoys me we have been hearing the same old tired cliches and platitudes from O'Rourke, Brolly and Spillane for too long now. Switch over to Sky and you have Canavan and Horan (has) who would put them to shame. I'm surprised RTE haven't tried to up their game in that regard. I would happily pay a subscription for a good quality GAA TV online product where you could watch live games and get highlights etc I am sure that will come in time.

GeniusGerry (National) - 12/01/2019 11:22:08

Donegal's Motion Fails - 9 Like(s)
This was the result the GAA needed and it's really no surprise at all. GAA HQ would have canvassed beforehand you can be sure. The financial and logistical implications of the motion carrying were too great for this to be left down to a democratic process. And no, I have no proof, but I have a lot of experience of how these things work generally speaking. Sean Kelly speaking out against is no surprise he was one of the main players in ensuring Dublin got their house in order back in the 00's, and is a former GAA president. I honestly don't think he wears a Kerry hat on these matters.

GeniusGerry (National) - 23/02/2019 19:14:54

Donegal's Motion Fails - 9 Like(s)

Replying To Mayonman:  "motion was framed the wrong way around. It should have said neutral venue cannot be one of the nominated home venues. this way dublin don't have to play games in parnell park. neutral game could have been thurles or somewhere like that."
Do you not think Donegal thought of that? How many times does it need to be explained that in the eyes of the GAA there is no 'neutral' venue, only home, away and Croke Park. That is how the Super 8's is framed. Donegal couldn't put a motion forward about the neutrality of Croke Park with regard to Dublin because it is not supposed to be a neutral venue, rather the games are played there because it is our national stadium. This was all played out publicly last year.

GeniusGerry (National) - 27/02/2019 19:07:47

The Dubs, The Monies & The Prejudices - 9 Like(s)

Replying To moc.dna:  "Unbelievable that John Horan is out again defending the inequitable funding which has been proven beyond a doubt. Surely this is the role of the Dublin County Board CEO John Costello & not that of the Uachtaran of the Association who is elected to represent all ! Any comparisons between individual counties is only whitewashing, it must be looked at a nationwide basis. The problem is no one is willing to challenge them or stand up as most elected officials are too busy worrying about their own political ambitions & funding within the Association. If they want analysis let them have independent auditors appointed from Sport Ireland, not from within that they can influence. A certain western seaboard county had a GAA appointed investigation into gate money & credit card mismanagement, the details or actions or consequences to individuals never made public. Let's hope that he doesn't appoint the officials from both Croke Park & Cork County Board involved in the PUC story, to this or he will come up with two different figures, just a couple of Million in the difference. Outcome will be GAA appointed investigation, finds no major difference in funding no matter what way it's played, all the sports journalists were wrong, time to move on, lift the carpet, now where's that brush !"
Horan, when discussing Dublin in his supposedly neutral capacity as GAA president refers to them as 'us'. That will tell you all you need to know about his agenda.

GeniusGerry (National) - 03/07/2019 13:11:44

Forum Becoming Boring - 9 Like(s)

Replying To GreenandRed:  "Has technology dated the Hoganstand forums a bit? A bit of an upgrade with the direct reply, but the thumbs up and down are no addition for me. Posters more used to other styles of forums, and Whatsapp stule apps where you can reply instantly and the banter back and forth can be better. Would be expensive to try it here and also very hard to moderate if posts move quick. I'm not so sure that the forum posts and posters are more boring, just that other sites and apps have more of their attention."
Without a doubt. It can take ages for posts to appear sometimes, even on game days. I also find the moderation very inconsistent and often heavy handed. The ability to PM other users would also be nice to arrange ticket swaps etc.

GeniusGerry (National) - 22/04/2019 20:20:40

Donegal's Motion Fails - 8 Like(s)

Replying To icehonesty:  "The Donegal motion was wrong to begin with. As it currently stands, teams in the Super 8 play one home game, one away game, and one Croke Park game. The Donegal motion sought to prevent Dublin from playing their home game in Croke Park. I feel this was completely wrong to be honest and here's why. Croke Park is Dublin's home ground. Dublin jackeens can rattle on all they like about Parnell Park, but Croke Park is Dublin's home. There are Dublin fans I know who've never set foot in Parnell Park. The motion should have sought to challenge the neutrality the GAA brass and Dublin claim Croke Park is. Croke Park is NOT a neutral ground for a team playing Dublin. Motion 39 should have been to allow Dublin play their home games wherever they like: Croke Park, Parnell Park or wherever they want. However, the alleged neutral game for Dublin in the Super 8 should NEVER be in Croke Park. If they are going to play Donegal it should be in Clones, if playing Kerry in Thurles, etc. Not Croke Park. Donegal tried to continue the lie that Croke Park is okay as a neutral ground and then say they shouldn't be able to play at home there. A home team should be allowed play their home game wherever they like (same for Waterford, they should have been allowed play in Nowlan Park or Fraher Field or Walsh Park last year). But a neutral game, a neutral game should always be in a neutral ground roughly halfway between the two teams, and NOT in a ground in one side's home county. And as a side note, I think the idea that if a group had say, Cork, Kerry, Mayo and Galway in it, that those teams should travel to Dublin to play against each other is absolutely stupid. Making fans travel hours to a game in a half empty stadium. Nonsense."
Couldn't agree more, motion was doomed from day one. Also agree about making counties travel to Dublin. We played Galway last year in a near empty Croke Park. Crazy. We probably would have filled the Gaelic Grounds between us.

GeniusGerry (National) - 23/02/2019 21:45:02

Conor Cox Kerry Mistake - 8 Like(s)

Replying To summerof09:  "Too many passengers lad and not near good enough to win the All Ireland. That can be hard to take for any Kerry man. Back to the thread, Conor Cox should be on the Kerry team."
I'd say what you know about Kerry football could be documented on the back of a postage stamp tbh. Can you name one likely starter for Kerry in 2019 that could be labelled a passenger?

GeniusGerry (National) - 27/05/2019 12:15:32

Donegal's Motion Fails - 8 Like(s)
@MesAmis you know full well that PP was never a realistic option for a big championship game as it wouldn't even accommodate the season ticket holders. As has been pointed out multiple times in this thread the idea of Dublin's 'neutral' game being moved was closed off in 2018 whether you want to acknowledge that or not. The only option left open to Donegal, who were justifiably seething at the unfair position they found themselves in in 2018 was to focus on the home game and try to get it moved, to where who knows, but it was never going to PP. GAA were never ever going to let that happen. It's interesting that all the experts are now commenting on how the motion could have passed yet not a geek out of them beforehand when it could have been easily amended. Congress is rotten to the core, an institution that overwhelmingly voted against transparency, that tells you all you need to know.

GeniusGerry (National) - 27/02/2019 10:39:31

2019 State Aid Free Championship - 8 Like(s)

Replying To legendzxix:  "In the 2019 State Aid Free Championship we are being treated to some good football. Ulster was described as the new Munster Hurling Championship! Roscommon shocked Mayo and then Galway. Limerick claimed Tipperary's scalp against the odds. Clare made a battle of it against Kerry while others were watching the Champions League final! Cork and Kerry was an open and attacking provincial final. There have been some great games in the qualifiers in recent weeks. Football in the State Aid Free Championship has been good and entertaining. State Aid Free have to meet State Aid at some stage. This is where things will change. The Super 8 State Aid Free Group looks like anyone will get out of the group. The State Aid group should see an interesting game in Dr. Hyde Park."
Ha ha ha excellent keep them coming!

GeniusGerry (National) - 03/07/2019 15:51:40

Merge The League And Championship - 8 Like(s)
The league has evolved in to an excellent competition in its own right rather than a warmup for the championship. I think the future is a summer based league overlapping with a more streamlined knockout competition. Imagine the atmosphere at county grounds around the country hosting big games during the long evenings in summer. It would be great and everyone has something to play for throughout the summer. Play the provincials in the spring as I think they are worth keeping but the current format is not fair on anybody for reasons already outlined that I won't repeat

GeniusGerry (National) - 02/04/2019 18:29:38

Donegal's Motion Fails - 8 Like(s)

Replying To MesAmis:  "Of course the motion was doomed from the start. It was a motion that gave Dublin 2 home games, just like they already have! Why should that motion have been carried?"
Mes it doesn't matter what the motion was, there was no way HQ were moving one of the games. Look at the vitriolic response from the president who even spoke about the importance of the money generated from these games, and as I have stated no other ground comes close to Croker for revenue. Stick your head in the sand all you like and push the blame back on the only county that took a stand, but they had no chance no matter what they put forward. There really only are a handful of counties that are going to be effected, those likely to win provincial titles and end up in the same group as Dublin so most counties had no dog in the race. It was easy for HQ to effect the vote by carrot or stick. You are very naive if you think this was a proper unhindered democratic outcome. I won't say any more because you clearly have your own view that suits your position where Donegal are just foolish and can't write a proper motion. Believe what you want to believe.

GeniusGerry (National) - 27/02/2019 13:31:26