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Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 18 Like(s)
David Clifford is a teenager in Kerry. David gets up at 5:00 O clock every morning to walk the five miles every morning to get water, picking up fire wood along the way. David carefully balances the water on his head and fire wood on his knees to bring home so Mammy can have a nice cup of tea and a bit of toast (no avocado). After Mammy has had her toast, )without avocado). David goes out to the fields, David runs for miles to catch mountain goats for milk for his whole family, David likes how they sometimes put the crown on the goat. Winters are harsh in Kerry, and David often has to have his hood up on on his holey jacket. While he is growing into Daddy's wellies nicely. David often wishes that Mammy liked cornflakes instead of tea and toast (without avocado ) for her breakfast. David then goes to school, David is very tired by now, but the hole in the roof often keeps him awake and the rain helps him keep a perfect quiff, because the wet look is in around Killarney. David walks the 20 miles home from school every day, often having to be careful of the Paddywhacker buses that pass him by. David is sometimes splashed by these buses as they drive by and looks up to see Dublin people drinking Champagne and designer coddle int their heated seats. David would like to taste coddle just once. David sometimes wishes he was from Dublin too. David used to walk home from school with his favorite friends, Mark and Steffen, they arent there anymore and he sometimes sees them at the Christmas nativity play and Goat crown day in the summer, they have big red faces and look bigger and stronger, David thinks they may have moved from Toast (no avocado) to cornflakes for their breakfasts. Davids favorite colors are green and yellow, he remembers seeing a big shining milking jug one time when he was very small. David though of how much milk he put into that if he could catch a goat. When David has his homework done, David climbs three mountains and 100 miles to play football with his friends. The manager told him if he plays very well he can get the big shiny goat milk jug. David likes this and will play very very hard. David is beginning to grow into Daddys boots. Davids favorite part of football is the oranges they get after training, it helps David on the return journey up and down mountains. David curls up at night in a corner of the room, sometimes there is an ember from the coal in the fire, he can keep warm for a little bit. David will be up again in three hours, to get the water and firewood for Mammys team and toast again (no avocado). David often dreams of Bernard Brogan, David wishes he can play football like Bernard. David believes that Bernard does not have to play football with a beach ball and has boots that fit him. If you would like to help to help David grow into his boots, please send a minimum of 1 mill euro to Kerry GAA, in donation, 7 mill if dealing in tax payers money. You can also but a chicken dinner from 2000 euro a plate. Please contact The Plaza New York for more details. Please help us provide cornflakes or avocado for David and his toast. This has been an appeal from Kerry GAA. * Played to Eva Cassidys fields of gold.

TheUsername (National) - 02/06/2019 14:19:18

Posters Crossing The Line - 13 Like(s)
Shocking to be fair, I hope the poster sees the error of their ways. I'll say prayer for them then grab my pitch fork. :D

TheUsername (National) - 04/06/2019 22:54:50

Dublin V Roscommon - 12 Like(s)
Well now an eventful day the far side of the Shannon all in. Just in the door an absolute blizzard between Kinnegad and Maynooth and a good hours tail back through the toll and another hour the far side given the snowy condititions, a couple of tips I saw on the road hopefully everyone gets back safely. All grand considering the wash out we got before and during the game that had poler bears reaching for their under armor base layers. As you can probably guess the game was played in very poor, wet conditions with a fair nip and sodden pitch. Hyde is looking well these days, it's one of my favourate county away grounds fair play to the Roscommon county board. On to the game itself, Dublin made some late changes with young lads like, McGowen, O Connor, Basquel coming into replace the more established players. The master came in for young Comerford. Young Gavin continued in the middle. While we lost Jack early on so Robbie McDaid played the majority of the game. So a fair bit of youth and inexperience to complement some established lads. Roscommon look a different animal this year, gone is the niceness and open expansive stuff. A team with real edge, fight and bite to match. The played a hybrid system overall at times the blanket and at times a pocession based game waiting for their opening and high pressing. Dublin stormed out of the blocks early on taking over some straight forward points and shortly scored a goal that had an inevitable feel of a rout in the first 25 mins or so. The game got tough then and every ball was contested fiercely, there were tackles flying in that you would proud of playing Rugby and the ref let some mad stuff go in my opinion. In the last quarter Roscommon bullied Dublin in my opinion who had taken their eye of the ball, were rattled and Roscommon went on to get a goal and wipe away the point deficit to go in all square deservedly at half time. Deservedly so in my opinion, though the ref lost control of the game and anything was going, at that stage. But Roscommon used a brilliant tactic on the Dublin defense the flooded and had a decoy on Cian Sullivan that let them have a man over on Dublin's marking system, making total hay in the last quarter of the first half. Roscommon had the better of the start of the second and went two up in third quarter with Dublin hitting bad wides. As we hit the 50 mun mark, something really unusual happened. Roscommon started to play keep ball and hold pocession, go down injured etc. It was weird because the momentum was with them and had the opposite effect of inviting Dublin on to them and handing the, the innitive. Dublin duly obliged and even with the most ridiculous wide count I have seen from Dublin in many a year, they got the couple of points to draw level, that brought back Dublin's composure, in the next phase we got what looked like a fortuitous goal and it was normal service resumed of just shooting out the lights. The game descended into a bit of farce then of lads just taking lumps. Overall glad to be leaving with two points, no suspensions and hopefully what looks like just a minor injury for Jack. Was the worst referee performance I think I've seen in a long time, Dublin got mangled in the first half and couldn't buy a free, while every minor call went Roscommons way. That really effected the game as a footballing spectacle as it dawned on both sides that anything could go and was more like Rugby then football. Then the whole thing went full circle in the second half, I thought he clearly favored Dublin, the cynic in me wondered did he get tap on the shoulder about his performance at half time. Anyway he didn't help the game for ethier side. Roscommon are a different outfit this year, tough as teak, with huge edge and massively physical and competitive. I suspect the days of give me quarter finals without lumps are a thing of the past and any team playing them should be prepared for rigour and lumps. They played some nice stuff as well as they always have. But this is a new Roscommon, with edge. As for Dublin, wasn't vintage but hard fought. Some young lads playing and being blooded left us a bit soft. Positives for me were Davey Byrne again, proper defender. Daren Gavin had a shaky opening 15 mins, but was great in the other three quarters, could be a super midfielder, but a way to go yet, but getting better and better per week. Cian after the wobbles had a good game. Fenton was Fenton, class. But he must have hit at least 5 wides. Thought McDaid looked good in spells. Thought Cooper had a tough day at the office, Paddy Andrews endevoured but left his shooting boots at home and was a bit indulgent at times. Costello had one of those anonymous games, as did the rest of the forwards first half, bar King Con. All in all, delighted to get the far side of Leixlip with two points, no serious injuries and no suspensions via a tough day in the office, but a stretch in the legs and ongoing blooding so all good. Hope everyone got home safely. Next up Tyrone in Croker on Paddy's weekend, spectacle!

TheUsername (National) - 03/03/2019 20:31:40

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 11 Like(s)

Replying To Gator:  "'You are welcome to correct'……..Thank you and I shall as you don't seem to understand the payments. You are posting based only on games development payments and not all revenue sources or even total payments to each county board from the GAA. The games development payments are changed for funding specific projects at any given point in time. In 2018, you point out that Monaghan benefit (and they did) of having a large payment. This is not occurring every year. The total funding given to Monaghan in 2018 was 585K, Longford received 1.5 million, Laois received 1 million….. Dublin need more funding than other counties on account of the scale of operations involved. The level of funds allocated are debatable but they are probably about right if not on the high side. However, its the ability to generate revenue from commercial sponsorship that hugely separates Dublin from other teams. No other county can get anywhere close to the levels - the sponsorship from AIG alone is 1 million per year. AIG get great advertising from this....Dublin jerseys fly off the shelves far more than any other county (because of the population) That doesn't even consider other sponsors like Subaru. Like it or not this makes a difference and gives Dublin an advantage. Dublin have a strong GAA culture (in particular with football) that's only getting stronger thanks to successes, extra investment and a population base to reach out to. You think Mayo are getting 1 million a year from Elverys? The entire company of Elverys doesn't make much more profit than that in a year. It's a sports retailer based in Ireland that went in to receivership a few years ago. Mayo have to fight for every single cent they get, like every other county as its less attractive to huge foreign investment for a sponsorship deal. There is no comparison. This is all simple facts good, bad or indifferent. Nobody is throwing toys out of any pram except you."
If you read back over all my posts a chara, you will see that 1) i mention more then once i was posting about GDF and 2) acknowledging that Dublin dwarf most counties on commercial and fundraising. You will actually find quite a detailed post about it and how it enables fundraising at club level. I will pull you up on a few details though, while GDF does fluctuate it tends to marginally, Monaghan will always do well and will Leitrim to their scale because they are being supplemented for a handicap in a lack of population, for them to be competitive, i dont have problem with that investment. Its a very similar payment structure particularly for Monagahn and Leitrim year on year. In many ways they are like Dublin, exceptional cases when it comes to funding due to population, while our population is big and requires more funding, yours is small and requires more funding. Its economies of scale really. In actual fact this is the first year since 2012 Dublin GDF hasnt been cut. The examples you pick arent particularly apt, Longford, Loais wont be generally comparative to Monaghan as im not sure you aware, these counties are given an extra 500k over the next few years on top of their annual GDF, in order for them to compete in Leinster with Dublin. In essence what the GAA are trying to do, is bring the counties up to a comparative level in relation to their context. I agree with you wholly on commercial and fundraising revenue, Dublin are a beast and will only get bigger and better, no county will ever compete with it. In many ways the GDF is a straw horse as none of it goes toward the inter county set up, the inter county set up if funded by commercial and fundraising with change left over. I've no issue there really. In fact i think this could be improved and will be in the future. i was having a debate earlier on the the differences in equality and equity, its fascinating how it could apply to the GAA on a communal level. I think you would be surprised just how well other counties do commercially/fundraising, you use an unfortunate example of Mayo, who are second to Dublin by 100k of Dublins 1.4 mill annually. mayo pull in 1.3 in commercial and fundraising, that is really good. As for attracting multinational companies, i dont think Dublin are alone, i think Kerry group are something like being in the top 10 biggest companies in the world and are certainly compatible to AIG. Sometimes being Irish, doesnt always necessarily mean we have to small and parochial, though seems esteemed somehow in traditional GAA. Arent Monaghan, sponsored by Investec, they are a South African company and provide banking, asset management and financial products in the Irish market. Sound like anyone elses sponsors? Source: I can sympathise with the sprit you are trying to post with, but you are posting in narrative all you are doing is throwing accusations around without producing and evidence or source, ultimately your just venting and why should we believe what you are saying when there is nothing to back it up, just because you are saying it? I've given, figures, ive given analysis, ive posted sources. All you are really saying is this cant be true. Why should i believe you? I wholly acknowledge funding is both cumulative, capital, GDF and Commercial/fundraising. Ive said i dont know how many times we have the best enabling sponsorship. Ive given breakdown of figures from the GAA audited accounts. Im not really sure what your saying, i just dont know there is very little to back it up, bar trust me this is my opinion.

TheUsername (National) - 29/05/2019 17:45:03

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 10 Like(s)

Replying To greysoil:  "Thanks Username, but as you know yourself, stats can be manipulated to suit any argument - the whole lies damn lies & statistics argument. I wonder if you applied the funding €1.298 million to the 39k registered to a GAA club for Dublin & then applied the same to all other counties, it might be more reflective of the GAA population landscape per county & the funding ratios per head. Just a thought."
Actually if you had your Dublin hat on, we are often accused of two advantages of money and population. The funny thing with the registered player to finance argument, is one discounts the other. If you want to prove Dublin are over funded, you have to cut the population to 39k. If you want to prove population is advantage then, you have to use my analysis of population to per head of 1.345mill to GDF. One discounts the other really, its funny really.

TheUsername (National) - 29/05/2019 11:40:18

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 9 Like(s)

Replying To Dubsfan28:  "I can't see Michael and Danny Healy-Rae having the same worldwide impact as Bob Geldof and Midge Ure but stranger things have happened in this funny country of ours :)"
There's five minor wins, and there's no need to be afraid Cluxton retires, we let in light and banish shade And in our world of plenty of goosoons, we can spread a smile of joy Throw your arms around the world Its Kerry's time......................... ;)

TheUsername (National) - 02/06/2019 16:57:05

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 9 Like(s)

Replying To Gator:  "Its not hard to understand Username, not for most anyway. Look back at my posts. I stated the money Dublin get from the GAA (from HQ and inclusive of GDF and all other payments like team payments, CAPEX etc) is probably about right if not a little bit high to fund such a large number of clubs in the county inclusive of the projects. You are the one focusing on GDF and GAA specific payments. My point, again, is questioning the large revenues that Dublin have available to them with relative ease that other counties simply don't have. So, yeah I am annoyed that other counties find it hard to compete with Dublin due to Dublins ability for attracting commercial revenue. This is the whole point!!!! For those asking, in fairness I cannot discern what comes from each individual commercial sponsor but you can see from this the amount received by Dublin GAA from commercial sources is more than the combined amount received by Kerry, Mayo and Monaghan from commercial sources (just as a comparator - for the record they all fund themselves quite well). Dublin are in a position to attract large sponsorship with relative ease and have a commercial manager to manage and develop this. Most counties (not all) will never be in that position. Nobody is confusing the numbers or points except a few Dubs from what I can see. Here is another link. You can feel free to reach out to Colm Keys and ask him for his sources. He is an honourable journalist and if his numbers are incorrect or downright lies I'm sure the indo would have to retract. To date they have not done so. Someone needs to be on top. No kidding? Its not good if its dominance much beyond what we already see. If this were to continue, if Dublin were to keeping winning Leinster every year, win sam this year, next year etc..etc. Do you think that's ok? Do you think kids in Longford, Louth, Carlow, Laois, Offaly, Westmeath are going to be inspired to play for their county football team knowing they will face this onslaught? No county team (IMO) should be financed more or less than any other. The GAA funding for clubs is different and distinct from the discussion. You are the one bring that up and nobody really disagrees that various county boards with more clubs, players etc need more money to fund their activities. With respect to the point made on Mayo, you're just reinforcing what I am saying here. Mayo have to fight for every penny of funding and its comes through the grassroots. They do this so they can compete with a juggernaut that has much more options available. As for clones? Have you been there? It's the ground used for the Ulster final and it hasn't seen any investment in my lifetime. Its old and badly needs refurbished. FYI - I have lived in Dublin for many years and my kids are playing with our local team (Cuala). It's a far cry from my own experience of barely being able to field a team at underage levels. This also signals more of the problem. I live in Dublin. I will have my kids play GAA in Dublin contributing to a club that could beat half the counties in football a few in hurling. I, and many others, have little choice about where we live in order to make a living."
Thanks for that post a chara, i was finding it a bit hard to find a salient peice of the points you are trying to make. So GDF can be acknowledged and put to bed. I dont actually disagree with anything you posted and you will find i acknowledge the enabling factor of commercial revenue, Dublin are a behemoth commercially in the waters it swims in, historically we have been remedial in that regard given our massive potential and its only now we are beginning to realise it. I've said a few times on here i actually think we could do better but suspect we will grow into that. Commercial revenue runs the Dublin team, i would totally acknowledge that and i would also acknowledge we have more then anyone else and always will. I only see that gap getting bigger personally. My issue is the narrative, speaking about GDF and the grassroots and acerbating that influences the senior team. I would also advise that what commercial revenue enables is the Dublin clubs the ability to fundraise without the county board interfering, its developed the game hugely in Dublin both North and South. I can understand why other counties look on with envy and perhaps enmity. That said you have to consider the scale of Dublin and the logistics to make it happen? I wonder can the model be learned from and used elsewhere on a smaller scale? Perhaps in time the GAA may need to look and the financial hybrid model is has, its communal funding and private funding, while we are seeing the advent of players trying to take money out of their profile of the game commercially, testimonials, punditry, books etc. Perhaps the GAA need to decide whether it want sto remain a communal organisation, a decentralized one were counties look after themselves privately and what to do about players cashing in on their profiles. They are all broad and soul searching questions in my opinion. It would be hard to shut the barn door for every county with money rolling in and contracts signed, the GAA themselves have their own core sponsors and commercial revenue. Is it impossible for other counties to adapt, you mention Mayo again, they raise 500k odd through commercial sponsorship, the same again through caride maigh eo and the rest in fundraising - so its not impossible. Again i think counties may be slowly trying to emulate Dublin, ive seen many counties put adverts out there for commercial mangers or fundraisers in the last 12 months in particular, its clearly an area counties are looking to cultivate. To be fair i think you raise some very good points and as we have got to the bottom of it are opinion are more in congruence, ive said all along in this thread that our commercial revenue is a hige enabling factor for the work we do with our senior team. Wouldn't be a huge fan of Clones of myself, no offense intended as i know many are, in my defense its usually the depths of winter when im there, i would much prefer Breffni if im being honest. I think its due a bit of remedial work to the tune of 400k odd in the coming time. As you say, there is a huge expat population in Dublin, that generations of will probably benefit Dublin and with increased profile of Gaelic games, when this great team ends we will regress somewhat, but wont be away for long. Certainly for once in our history we are cultivating many of our natural advantages.

TheUsername (National) - 30/05/2019 15:34:51

Kerry V Dublin - 9 Like(s)

Replying To westkerry:  "Id say you have a good chance alright... given the advantages provided to you."
That's genetics for you!

TheUsername (National) - 17/02/2019 16:44:09

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 9 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "Tralee IT is not Kerry GAA you need to stop pushing that little bit of spin, and we fundraise the majority of our center of excellence our selves. Also your numbers and figures have all been debunked here many times by the hermit and other counties posters."
Its reported in many media media outlets that it act as a strategic part of Kerry center of excellence, are you telling us Kerry GAA dont use it all? The campus at Curran recied numerous grants 1 mill from Central funds, 1 mill from the Munster Council and Kerry group gave 1 mill as well. If we are going to have a debate anout the influence of ISC grants, Cumlitive funding and the impact of sponsorship, lets at least be genuine. The tidy sums above are equivalent of a decade of Dublins GDF. I think its a loose definition to call 2000 euro a plate dinners in the Plaza in New York as fundraising. Haha i must of missed those debunking posts, im not great at responding to posters who generally right in crayon or who i consider trolls admittedly. Im not trying to win hearts and minds, someone will stick to narrative, because it helps to mitigate the uncomfortable thought that they have fallen short of the mark really. I dont mind the allegations of money really, it helps the auro around Dublin. I just dont believe its factual and am giving the context as to why.

TheUsername (National) - 30/05/2019 11:23:07

Dublin Stars Pocketing €6,000 For Promotional Gigs - 8 Like(s)
I'm not opposed to the mindset this creates, to be honest, 17 mill in games development money, multi millions in sponsorships and perks, all games at home, now traveling to training, world class facilities, players retiring to focus on their sporting careers. Come and play us, the fear or belief in these facets create another advantage, a lot of teams are beaten before they leave the dressing room believing these facets, whether they be true or not, they've rolled over in their heads and best the knee in their minds before they put on their county shirt. Read the match thread for tomorrow's game, Kildare are beaten before they even get to the ground. These articles just add to the aura and pepuatute the fear and undermines teams playing against us, keep them rolling.

TheUsername (National) - 08/06/2019 21:51:26

Leinster - Now A Hurling Province? - 8 Like(s)

Replying To sportsfan14:  "Based on things as they stand now it appears Hurling is the dominant sport in Leinster....perhaps not in geographically but certainly in terms of success.... How is football so poor?"
To be fair a team outside of Leinster hasnt won a football All Ireland since 2014.

TheUsername (National) - 26/03/2018 12:39:32

Stephen Cluxton 100 - 8 Like(s)

Replying To clondalkindub:  "It's an unbelievable achievement Jackeen he's a credit to the game and to Dublin I hope he knows how much he's loved by all Dubs and respected. If anything good comes from it it's that Dan O Keefe from the 40's is better ha. I promise this is my last post on this."
The mark of a truly great player is to be loved and admired by their own county and to be begrudged and villifed elsewhere, they bring pain everywhere except their own home. Id be worried, if everyone was sending warm and fuzzies our direction. Its ultimately unimportant, hes the biggest fish is the biggest pond and he wont ever have to argue about his greatness or buy a pint for that matter. ;)

TheUsername (National) - 06/06/2019 14:25:56

David Gough To Referee The Final - 8 Like(s)
Find the whole thing a bit disturbing to be honest, i think its a poor reflection on people finding out where someone works, lives and then puts them under scrutiny in the national media, i mean this man has family and a right to privacy etc. How easy would it be for a disgruntled supporter to find out where he or his family lives given the public information thats been put out there and been whipped up by some in the media. beyond a game of football for me. Its just wrong. This is an ammeter guy after is all. I will say this, though, Kerry have gathered a reputation for cynical stuff given their poor defense and their disciplinary record isnt one to be admired, i think if any county needs a strong ref and objective ref its Dublin. Additionally the perceived pressure, many of the Kerry lads work, study and live in Dublin will they not be subject to the same pressure not to try their best in their chosen filed for fear of having to live in the county going forward, of course not. The mans from Meath, not a county well know for their deep affection of the Dubs, i can imagine the reaction on here if a Kerry rival was adversary was given the job, it would be victim this victim that. Anyway as per my first paragraph its a debate that doesn't deserve oxygen, i find the whole thing particularity sad and pitiful to be honest. Some should be ashamed of themselves. Best of luck on the big day Mr Gough, i genuinely hope you remain safe, both after the game from projectiles programmes given the protagonists and after.

TheUsername (National) - 14/08/2019 13:27:14

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 8 Like(s)

Replying To Royal.Legend:  "Mayo ? If history hadn't weighed so heavily on them should of won must of your tussles by getting in your faces."
Case in point, they tried it more and better then most, we've beaten them in 4 of the years of the six we've one the All Ireland. To be honest the only time I've seen in work is against Tyrone in the league this year, completely bullied us, to be fair to them they owed us more then one.

TheUsername (National) - 28/05/2019 23:50:04

The Dubs, The Monies & The Prejudices - 8 Like(s)

Replying To greysoil:  "Or working perhaps. I know probably an alien concept in the welfare city."
And here we get to it, lads just wanting to have a go at Dublin or its people. This debate definitely isn't about bitterness jealousy! ;) The Box room mafia have spoken. :D

TheUsername (National) - 30/06/2019 11:33:56

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 8 Like(s)

Replying To Gator:  "Granted on the GDF but my response was to your post on GDF, this you were using to address posters advising that other counties cannot compete financially. Why don't you look at the total funding coming HQ each year to Dublin GAA? Its been averaging at 1.7 million euro each year for the last five years (i havent checked further back). My choice of Mayo was very deliberate. Mayo have to work very, very hard for their revenue. Dublin get handed commercial revenue over by virtue of their size and ability to advertise so much for these companies. You want a source? Here is a source. Notice anything about the graph? Look at Dublin and their ability to get this revenue where ALL other counties spend endless hours at fund raising and getting it from the supporters. Do you know how much monaghan get from Investec? Do you know how much Mayo get from Elverys? Do you know how much Kerry get from the Kerry group? Between them its still not as much as Dublin get from AIG. You may look that up yourself - its readily available."
Whoah horsey, ok if your granted on the games development money, let's put that to bed, I don't blame you given the Monaghan figures. I'm a bit lost on the point you are trying to argue, but I'll perservere. The DCB publish their audited accounts. Now we're you are making a mistake is confusing sponsorship with GAA money. GAA fund grass roots through GDF. Sponsorship and commercial revenue runs the senior teams. That's the model the GAA use. Sponsorship and commercial revenue is up to the county boards and a private matter. What you are essentialy saying is your annoyed because Dublin are more attractive, marketable and desirable to sponsor then everyone else. Someone has to earn the most and it's Dublin. Why not though? We have the best players, they are great models, there is a massive market in Dublin. This is competive sport and someone will be on top. I actually think we could do better commercially, but there is a real sense of the communal system in the DCB at present. You haven't produced any evidence or figures, that's the article improvident in the link in my previous post, you just went and found it in the paper. Why not run off and give us figures of the country cumilitive funding. Do cork get more cumulative funding then Dublin for the last 15 years as they spent over 100 mill on a new stadium, the grants given to Kerry for IT Tralee and Curran's last year equate to Dublin GDF for a decade. I'd like you to go and prove your point on Dublin comparatively with every other county, don't forget the bail out for McHale, redevelopment of Hyde, dare I mention Clones! On a point of note, I have ties in Mayo, in fact I'm fairly close with a few club chairman, a criticism I often here is the demands of the county board on clubs. Many don't think it's fair and I know many have stepped down with enmity. I say this because I asked the question of a DCB rep as to why Dublin's fundraising figures were so low, I like you was outraged, truth is and what i was told was that the DCB don't fundraise, as they have agreed with the clubs to leave the field open that any fundraising they do is kept by the club. This works in Dublin, it's why we say other counties need to look at what we do here. That fundraising has seen facilities improve, GDO and allows clubs to fund coaches. That's were good players become great. Contrast that what happens elsewhere, with kickbacks to the county board through lottos gates etc. I've no idea what other counties sponsorship is, do you want to tell us the the figures? I would ask the question though, why are Dublin happy to allow theirs in the public domain and other counties don't? Hmmm..

TheUsername (National) - 29/05/2019 22:47:09

Kerry V Dublin - 8 Like(s)
Maeve's development funding 2019 Kerry GDF 197.600 euro, population of Kerry 147.000, ratio = 1.34 euro per head. Dublin GDF 1.3 mill, population 1.34 mill, ratio = 97 cent per head. * Before Kerry provincial grant is given. Kerry really have been a poor investment by the GAA, in particular when you compare them to similar counties backgrounds namely Mayo and Donegal, who fare worse. Galway and Down again really should be up in arms!

TheUsername (National) - 16/02/2019 17:05:07

Dublin V Louth - What A Farce - 8 Like(s)

Replying To greysoil:  "Thanks Username, but as you know yourself, stats can be manipulated to suit any argument - the whole lies damn lies & statistics argument. I wonder if you applied the funding €1.298 million to the 39k registered to a GAA club for Dublin & then applied the same to all other counties, it might be more reflective of the GAA population landscape per county & the funding ratios per head. Just a thought."
Its not really, its obviously been done by Ewen McKenna using Shane Mangans piece of research, the problem with Ewen piece is its varibles of ration and analysis that shape his conclusion. Arguably mine as well. I doubt either the source of distribution for funding is based on registered players or total population, rather a highbrid of reasons myself and Whammo were pointing out. It is unfortunate that GAA dont make the formula public, if there is one. The problem with the registered player and Ewen argument is the nature of game development money, the whole purpose of GDF, is to attract an untapped population to Gaelic games, not to fund those who are existing members or to fund inter county etc. Thats not to say that the likes of Cul Camps etc cant happen at club facilities in a mutually beneficial way but ultimately the purpose is to build membership of the GAA that is untapped at underage as opposed to fund existing membership. Its why Ewen argument is flawed. Ive approached it with a very open mind. Where Ewen argument it does become illuminating or rather Shanes, is if it indicates where games can be grown based on registered players vs total population, for example if you have 39k registered players in Dublin out of a population of 1.345 million, its a very obvious play for the GAA to invest to attract people to Gaelic games membership as an area to grow. Conversely it works in reverse for your own county and Leitrim, smaller populations, both are decently funded comparatively, but the GAA seem to make a larger financial contribution to counties with a small population to help invest given the population handicap those counties have to compete by investing to attract players to Gaelic games. thats not a knock by the way, thats money well spent in my opinion. You will see that from the monster figures Monagahan have in the figures i posted, i suspect if you care do Leitrim funding Vs total population you will see the same. You would have to say Mongahan have used that money well based on recent success and underage. Its interesting, there is huge richness in analysis of the issue, beyond the click bate headlines. As someone else pointed out its not linear either, GDF is just one method, their is capital funding and commercial funding too, so even just analysing GDF, is a bit limited anyway.

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I see Horan, referencing population per head in relation to the GAA funding model, perhaps my population to GDF model isnt as wide of the mark as i acknowledged and is indeed used by the GAA however loosely. That model gives us this breakdown of GDF, per head of population: Monaghan GDF 124.000, Population of Monaghan 60.483 = 2.05 per head. Dublin GDF 1.3 mill, population 1.34 mill, ratio = 97 cent per head. Kerry GDF 197.600 euro, population of Kerry 147.000, ratio = 1.34 euro per head. Mayo GDF 134.29 euro, population of Mayo, 130.5k, ratio = 1.02 euro per head. Tyrone GDF 119.000 euro, population 177.9k = 66 cent per head Galway GDF 184.4k euro, population 258.0k = 71cent per head. Donegal GDF 130.2k euro, population 159.1k = 81 cent per head. Kildare GDF 341.3k euro, population 222.5k = 1.53 euro per head Roscommon GDF, 146k euro, population 66.5k = 2.2 euro per head. Cork GDF, 249k euro, population 542k = 45 cent per head. Meath GDF, 367.4k, population 195.0 = 1.88 euro per head.

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First off its a great draw and im really looking forward to the occasion. Brilliant set of fans and a credit to their county, it will be full of color and passion and Dublin Vs Mayo has proven the premier fixture in the GAA in the last decade. The appetite is whetted. Secondly write Mayo off at your peril, this is knock out football and Mayo are capable of creating the anti virus to make Dublin hit a combo of ctl, alt, dlte. They can cause us problems and no mistake. This is knock out football and Mayo inhibit a space of ultimate drama, upsetting the odds and living on the edge of glory and oblivion in a delicately poised knife edge, makes for an absolute cracker. Both teams with skin in the game, the elusive Sam for Mayo of they can get over Blue Wave, Dublin a step toward their date with immortality, both teams with massive incentives on the line. We know the history, but we have new protagonists, Mayo's success against Dublin came with squeezing the space Dublin operate it in the last two quarters of the field, bringing massive intensity, getting very close and just unable to score enough. That was very much a Rochford system though and we know Horan likes ot play more expansively. Hes one of very few managers to get the best of those raised on songs and stories this decade and the 2012 semi hasn't been forgotten up here by any manner or means. Mayo will empty everything they have is this game and as someone else said earlier, march on or die on their shields. That said Dublin do respect but dont do fear, no body knows better then us that you have to play everyone to win a modern all ireland so we will go into the game with relish and ultimate focus on nothing else only Mayo. Some fascinating subplots, who will Keegan make if anyone, what to do with Dermo Connolly, Clarke Vs Hennelly, did any Dubs put their hand up for a start yesterday, will Parsons, Ruane, O Connor be fit. I dont expect a rout, id bite your hand off for the win now. But really cant wait, looking forward to another day out with Mayo, the two best supporters in the country filling the biggest stadium. Be a cracking Saturday night main event, All Ireland Champions Vs League Champions. THIS IS CHAMPIONSHIP.

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