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2019 Division 1 League Final. - 13 Like(s)
Jesus a Kerry man interested in a league final ? If this continues someone will need to take matters into their own hands and hire a mini bus

waynoI (National) - 24/03/2019 20:40:16

Kildare V Meath - 10 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Just heard graham Reilly had a back injury (not first time) that explains how he wasn't near as fast. The question that it leaves open though is why did he play?"
Back injury ? Probably pulled a muscle trying to get out of Hylands pocket..

waynoI (National) - 18/06/2017 15:42:21

Mythbusting - 10 Like(s)
Just want to dispel a couple of myths here. Myth 1 People who exclaim "the fun is gone out of our games" Sorry, but this idea that sport has to be fun and entertaining to put arses on seats is a load of me hole. Sport at the highest level, professional or otherwise is only about winning, and you will only enjoy it when you are winning. If teams maybe have to adapt certain tactics including my own to see big, important games out, so be it. But this notion that its all just a bit of craic, especially when the game is gone so professional is lunatic asylum sort of stuff. Fun = winning. You will never find a team panel/group of fans in any team sport on the bleedin globe who will be buzzing their t*ts off cause they where entertained, yet lost a very close open game, or even worse, got their backsides handed to them on a plate. I don't think ive heard of a player for Dublin, Donegal, Kerry, anyone... leave a panel because they don't like the style of play their coaches/managers are adapting, players leave panels because they just don't have the desire to put in all the effort to get absolutely murdered with no realistic chance of even minute success, and fans of those counties, well, whats their motivation to spend their hard earned doller ? which brings me to Myth 2 "Fans will vote with their feet if this defensive shite carries on" Nonsense, Absolute total, and utter, nonsense!! How many times have I seen people like Hill and clondalkin (lads, only naming you guys as examples, not having a go, youre entitled to your views, I respect them) come on here (and my fellow dubs aren't the only ones) and tell us that the game is dying, the aren't being entertained, and yet, if I'm not mistaken both of you guys made a three and a half hour trip up to Donegal yesterday KNOWING how Donegal could set up as you've both been giving out about it since 2010! Fact is, Fans who love their team will travel to the moon to watch their team, Whether they are playing against an all out blanket or a team who will go toe to toe and suffer a horrible 20pt + defeat. Fans are not voting with their feet, Attendances in the league so far especially in D1 are huge, why ? Because its competitive. Facts don't lie, attendances for the early provincial championship games in leinster and munster in particular are falling off a cliff, But where there are competitive games, the crowds will gather in their 1000's Nobody would want to spend their hard earned money going to watch me fight Anthony Joshua in Croker cause it would be embarrassing for Anthony Joshua and wouldn't last long as a contest. That's sport. Competitiveness draws in crowds, the style of football doesn't stop people going.

waynoI (National) - 27/02/2017 13:02:50

All the talk about Ulster!!!!Connacht is the strongest - 10 Like(s)
Looking forward to Sunday immensely now, not only will I get to see two very good games (hopefully) but when all is said and done we will get to see the captains of Mayo, Roscommon and Galway climb the steps of the Hogan to lift the "we have more teams in the last 8 than you" trophy.

waynoI (National) - 23/07/2017 10:49:04

My 2019 Wish List: - 10 Like(s)

Replying To Trump2020:  "I'm hoping for Corofin and St Thomas's to win on St Pats Day assuming both get there of course. The Galway hurlers to be All Ireland Champs again. The Galway footballers to reach the All Ireland final and stop the mighty Dubs from getting 5 in a row. All the Galway underage teams give a good account of themselves. Connacht to go unbeaten in Rugby in 2019. Conor Whelan to be Hurler of the Year. Daniel Cormer to be Footballer of the Year. Ireland to be unbeaten in Rugby in 2019. Conor McGregor to win 2 or more fights. Katie Taylor to win any fights she's in. Ronnie O'Sullivan to dominate in snooker. Etc etc etc"
My wishes. Sporting - Dublin to win Sam and become the first ever team to win 5 in a row. Liverpool to win the premier league. Personal - My family to remain healthy For me to overcome my battle with mental health issues.

waynoI (National) - 01/01/2019 23:55:19

Leinster Football Championship - 10 Like(s)
Furlong. You really need to get out more honestly.

waynoI (National) - 14/04/2019 10:53:55

Mayo Ladies Walk Out - 9 Like(s)
Very interesting to see arock completely ignore mesamis and the questions he asked .. For me, from what I've heard from both sides, I feel the girls ought to be absolutely ashamed of their behaviour in how they have come out and publicly castigated the mayo set up and management and is totally disrespectful to the ladies who remained behind. No evidence. No proof of anything they are saying, vilifying a guy in the media and won't go into detail but are alright with hanging him over the edge of the cliff and allowing rumours to start to the point where the guy has to defend himself. All should have been kept in house .. feel so sorry for leahy. Hopefully he is fully vindicated and those mayo ladies never play for their county again

waynoI (National) - 19/09/2018 15:16:54

'Hope you're scared, coz you've every reason to be!' - 9 Like(s)
One of the lines thrown out on social media today by a Mayo social media platform on hearing the news that Cormac Reilly will referee in Castlebar on Sunday.

Now, everyone on here knows that social media pages like the one in question have to be taken with a pinch of salt as they are run by a load of clowns, And I'm sure this is NOT the level of vitriol isn't shared by the majority of Mayo fans

Read and weap!! holy jesus.

I mean, Its 3 years ago now, move on.

Cormac Reilly, like all referees, have an incredibly difficult job and I certainly don't envy them, to put a guy under so much scrutiny before a league game, let alone a championship game, is so out of order.

I know Cormac personally, He is a wonderful man with a lovely family. Quiet and unassuming, pleasant and well mannered, no airs and graces, just a normal joe with a passion for refereeing, He puts in an awful lot of work that goes unnoticed all through the years.

You'll never see anyone talk about the effort and commitment in training referees put in on the cold winters mornings, But they work just like the footballers do, And they are praised for their commitment tenfold, rightly so. But refs do it too.

I know that they understand tensions run high and they will never please everyone, But this kind of nonsense from, albeit a minority of Mayo fans is disheartening and would turn anyone off refereeing.

Wish Cormac and his officials well at the weekend. And I hope to god they don't read some of the nonsense on social media about this appointment.

waynoI (National) - 28/03/2017 15:27:37

Dublin Vs Galway - 8 Like(s)

Replying To oakleafersir:  "Dublin will be itching for a win after their defeat today against Monaghan; they weren't as sharp as they were at the beginning of the league last year in this game; I wouldn't be starting Cooper or Small for this one if I was them. As for Galway they seemed to have started slow and end with with a bit of luck today. I think Galway will have Silke and Burke available again next week which will be a huge bonus for them, could Comer be back next week? I'm looking forward to this one; Dublin are there for the taking this year as proven today. Think home advantage will be a boost for Dublin; hoping for a Galway win but going for Dublin. Should be a good one. Dublin +3"
alot of very wild assumptions on Dublin on the back of one league game there OLS. Not as sharp as they where at the beginning of last years league, we lost to monaghan by 3 points in Clones with Cluxton, Osullivan, mcmahon, kilkenny, brogan, mccarthy, mccaffrey, connolly and one or two others sitting at home, apart from mullally, not one of the Dublin starting team played a minute of county football since the all ireland final last year, and have only been back training in the past two weeks, Monaghan had plenty more work done in preperation for this. While i agree we clearly arent unbeatable (the one thing you CAN take from today's game against Monaghan, without making premature assumptions) is that we are beatable. There for the taking, we will see in the summer, but absolutely nothing in that game today made me worry about the year ahead, dont you be worrying about dublin, we will crack on and keeping plodding along and see where it takes us. As for the game next week, another chance to get minutes in the legs, try out a few things, and take it as another test in what is a league campaign that ultimately is all about getting prepared as best we can for the summer, Most years i think dublin would look at the league as another nstional title as we head toward the summer, bearing in mind we are trying to do what no team has ever done before, i think you can say all the eggs are in the.championship basket and the league in terms of defending it for me anyway is an irrelevance, weve another 6 70 minute conditioning games, and who knows, maybe a league final although i doubt it, priorities in order, everything is gearing full steam ahead towards the summer. So yeah galway might beat us next week, reckon we will be safe in the division. No drama, no collapses. Alls good

waynoI (National) - 27/01/2019 21:40:42

Forum Becoming Boring - 8 Like(s)

Replying To kildare73:  "You telling me I'M obsessed is the very definition of irony! The obsession I'm afraid is on your side of the fence my friend, your posts just goes to show that. And then you go on to copy and paste your exact reply to me from another thread here. I respect your love of all things Meath, we all love our counties. I just can never see the point of repeating the same stats time and again. Once they are there, they are there. And I mean no offence but i have already taken your advice and I do zip past some of your posts because I've pretty much read them before. The only thing I will say to you is this, history is nice to look back at now and again but modern day football is a very different animal to yesteryear and has no real bearing. Finance, S&C, tactics,etc are so different to even ten years ago. Also just so you know, I don't do Twitter!"
I do zip past them too. Listen, I'm sure what furlong doesn't know about gaa football, I could write on the back of a stamp. He has encyclopedic knowledge. The issue is..... how many people willingly pick up and start reading an encyclopedia In their spare time ? Not many. I read one or two posts, but now i just cant be bothered which is a bit sad considering the time and effort he goes to but I've no interest in what happened in gaa circles or who won what in the 20s or 30s

waynoI (National) - 16/04/2019 11:15:18

Donegal V Meath - 8 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Long journey back last night on bad roads, and I still couldn't figure out how the hell we managed to lose that game. First off well done to donegal they never gave up even when been outplayed for a hour of the match, our defense is up there with the best , and fair play to them . A freaky goal that shouldn't have went in should have just kicked us on, instead we went to pieces, is there a sports psychologist working with Meath team? Cause if not the cb need to employ one on Monday morning. . Again well done to donegal, I hope we might have another date later in this campaign. As for Meath? That can't effect the mind, the talent is there particularly with our strong back lines and and the new youngsters coming on to panel. We have the speed , we have the ability we have the game plan. But we don't have mental toughness and until that is sorted we won't be winning these type of games."
"Our defence is up there with the best" What in the name of god are you basing that on lol ? Two league games against Tipp and Donegal ? The O'Byrne cup ? Or are you basing it on the team who lost to Longford in last years leinster ? The 2018 league campaign where only Louth who finished bottom had a worse pts against than Meath while avoiding the drop to D3 by a point ? I know youre positive, but there is a difference between being positive and being completely and utterly deluded. Ah well, I suppose the only person your ridiculous over-hyped expectations v harsh reality can upset is yourself. Youd be brilliant at marketing our games though, you have an unreal ability to paper over cracks and make the garden out to be rosey when in fact the garden along with the whole house is up in flames. Id be worried about Meaths fitness. They couldn't get the winner against Dublin in the OBC, and yesterday didn't score at all in the last 20 minutes.

waynoI (National) - 03/02/2019 13:13:35

Dubs v Kerry. - 8 Like(s)

Replying To clondalkindub:  "I'll be happy drunk around this time next week so Wayne , you still off the drink? How's the gym going? You getting bigger arms n ripped stomach ?"
I will have one or two on a match day if I head out afterwards man. Still in the gym yea. Its changed me completely I had been struggling for a long time with depression, Something I'm not ashamed to admit it. There was a two year period between 2012 and 2014 where I practically lived on this thing, Hid myself away from the outside world. Lost my job, lost a childhood friend to suicide, lost my motivation, lost my confidence and my ability to interact with real people, found solace in talking to people on here instead of the people i care about, and people who care about me. Eating shite made me feel better and my diet was really bad, processed foods and chips/noodles on a daily basis, couple of litres of coke a day, crisps, sweets.. Staying up til 3 and 4 in the morning, waking up the following day at 1 or 2 and spending all day in bed. Was a really rough time on a personal level and tough on my family who just didn't know what to do with me. Woke up one morning and just thought I don't want to be like this anymore, That's when I start going to the gym. I suppose the point I'm making is that, While a lot of people go to the gym to try and look good, I am not really about that. Sure its good to see results, But I would rather feel the results and that's what motivates me. The main thing for me isn't about abs, big arms, looking good. Its irrelevant. The one thing I want and get from the gym is that when I go in there the 4 or 5 times a week I go, I can go in not feeling all that great and come out feeling brilliant. The wonders that exercise and being active does for your state of mind I cannot put into words. I feel in control again, The gym and eating healthy has played a major role in that. Long answer to a short question. Sorry man :)

waynoI (Dublin) - 21/08/2016 22:04:18

No Fans Allowed On Croke Park Pitch - 8 Like(s)
Fans shouldn't be so selfish anyway. What gives any fan a right to go onto the field after the game ? The players put their whole lives on hold for 7 8 9 months of the year and on the occasion they win something they should be able to enjoy it with their fellow players and walk around the pitch parading the trophy to their fans, not only is it selfish but incredibly dangerous as people can get seriously injured in a crush, kids can get separated from their parents too ... totally unnecessary. The pitch is for players, the stand and terraces for fans

waynoI (National) - 20/08/2018 15:11:58

Kieran Donaghy retires - 8 Like(s)

Replying To Wally:  "Totally over rated footballer. Put the right marker on him he was always kept quiet. Seemed like a gangly and ackward player who wasn't very nice to look at. Anyway I need to go back into an important meeting here."
think he was very good myself but opinions are subjective and everyone has one and it can't be right or wrong. what I will say is, you could have taken time out of your meeting to wish the dude luck in his retirement. He was a huge part of a very good kerry team and was part of days you'll remember for the rest of your life as a Tyrone football fan even if he was on the losing side on some of those days. I've met kieran once or twice and a more gentlemanly figure you could not have met. he put years of his life into a game that you get no dough to play and has only increased in terms of work load and commitment and like every single player should be respected for that. He achieved in his playing career more than most of us posting on here has put together so I think the least you could do is not say anything if your contribution there is all you've to offer. hope the weather in miami is good and your meeting goes well for you. peace.

waynoI (National) - 11/09/2018 15:04:17

Kildare V Armagh - 8 Like(s)

Replying To ziggy32001:  "yeah but this is the kildare way."
Whether you meant this as a joke or whatever only you know, what I will say is that it is the absolute height of irony for you to come on here and kick the Kildare lads when they are down after losing a very hard fought close battle, when that very same Kildare side made a mockery of your lot earlier in the championship. On that day in Tullamore Kildare pocketed you guys and you lay down and you died, You guys showed absolutely no passion, no guts ... nothing, You hid away and you went down with a pathetic wimper. You can waffle on about Kildare treating it as an all Ireland, Whether they did or didn't, the fact you didn't match their passion on the day just goes to show everything that is wrong with Meath football and why, as Dr Watson says, Meath are an absolute total and utter irrelevance except to a few cabbages on here who will talk about the Meath tradition and hard men/great players of the past who are of no use to you now to try and big this bang average team up to something they arent and try put themselves on the map again after falling so drastically away, I was at the games tonight and all 4 sides were warriors. Not one went down without a hell of a fight and unfortunately for Down and Kildare, the better team on the day won out. Entertainment wise the games today where absolutely terrific value for money for 25 quid. Armagh fans are immense and bring wonderful colour to Croke Park. Next week will likely sell out and it promises to be a brilliant double header. Dying for it. Roll on tomorrow. This championship has been phenomenal. Great competitive games for the most part. Shock results... Class.

waynoI (National) - 29/07/2017 22:49:43

That Kerry Blow - 8 Like(s)

Replying To Triple H:  "Just wondering if it were a player that struck the blow would the proposed ban be much steeper"
dont want to turn this into a diarmuid connolly thing, everyone here knows that i have never defended diarmuid cobnollys actions and felt he was a liability albeit a wonderful footballer, flawed genius, having said that, its mind bending that a player can put a hand on an official and get a 12 week ban (no complaints about that) but being a selector, encroaching the field of play and absolutely decking an unsuspecting player that could potentially have caused real damage to the player gets less one third less of that of diarmuid connolly.

waynoI (National) - 23/10/2018 20:15:30

The Mayo Hype Machine Is Back Boys And Girls. - 8 Like(s)
2 league games done and bernard flynn, colm parkinson et al absolutely wetting themselves over Mayo. Outside of the dubs theyre the biggest story in the GAA world. Be interesting to see how they get on this year. Still far too early to be making sweeping statements though what do yizzer think yerselves ?!?

waynoI (National) - 05/02/2019 21:39:43

Forum Becoming Boring - 8 Like(s)
Ive basically given up on this now, used to post almost every day, cant be bothered anymore. Recently tried to set up a basic thread that broke NONE of the "house rules" on what achievement would be bigger, Dublin winning 5 in a row or Mayo breaking their long wait, I tried to post it 3 times as a genuine conversation starter and every time the admin have blocked it. It was GAA games related, family friendly, no bad language or abusive comments and I certainly didnt attempt to post offensive or defamatory contributions and of course I typed the message myself which rules copyright. I just wish we could hear from the admins .. Give us reasons why you wont allow certain posts. This place has definitely become lifeless and boring and id be pretty sure the numbers on these forums are down over the years.

waynoI (National) - 14/04/2019 10:50:14

2019 Division 1 League Final. - 7 Like(s)

Replying To Horsebox77:  "The hill will be rocking!!!"
Of course it will ive no doubt about it. Mayo always bring a huge crowd and make a bit of a racket.

waynoI (National) - 24/03/2019 21:54:05

Donegal V Meath - 7 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Look it's hard to be by far the better team and get beat. Nothing to do with who donegal brought on, we handed them it on a plate. (Now fair play, they took it) Positives are that fantastic defense we have set up, one of the best in country, mcentee in midfield has eased the pressure there. But up front we still making silly mistakes, should have been out of sight by the last 10 mins."
Honest to god, I cant wait for us to get our forward players at this "fantastic defence you have set up" should it come to pass (although I wouldn't go running to the bookies to place money on Meath reaching the Leinster final, you are criminally over-rated this average at best Meath set up) But I hope you do, we will absolutely marmalize that defensive set up.

waynoI (National) - 03/02/2019 13:28:42