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Kildare V Meath - 10 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Just heard graham Reilly had a back injury (not first time) that explains how he wasn't near as fast. The question that it leaves open though is why did he play?"
Back injury ? Probably pulled a muscle trying to get out of Hylands pocket..

waynoI (National) - 18/06/2017 15:42:21

Mythbusting - 10 Like(s)
Just want to dispel a couple of myths here. Myth 1 People who exclaim "the fun is gone out of our games" Sorry, but this idea that sport has to be fun and entertaining to put arses on seats is a load of me hole. Sport at the highest level, professional or otherwise is only about winning, and you will only enjoy it when you are winning. If teams maybe have to adapt certain tactics including my own to see big, important games out, so be it. But this notion that its all just a bit of craic, especially when the game is gone so professional is lunatic asylum sort of stuff. Fun = winning. You will never find a team panel/group of fans in any team sport on the bleedin globe who will be buzzing their t*ts off cause they where entertained, yet lost a very close open game, or even worse, got their backsides handed to them on a plate. I don't think ive heard of a player for Dublin, Donegal, Kerry, anyone... leave a panel because they don't like the style of play their coaches/managers are adapting, players leave panels because they just don't have the desire to put in all the effort to get absolutely murdered with no realistic chance of even minute success, and fans of those counties, well, whats their motivation to spend their hard earned doller ? which brings me to Myth 2 "Fans will vote with their feet if this defensive shite carries on" Nonsense, Absolute total, and utter, nonsense!! How many times have I seen people like Hill and clondalkin (lads, only naming you guys as examples, not having a go, youre entitled to your views, I respect them) come on here (and my fellow dubs aren't the only ones) and tell us that the game is dying, the aren't being entertained, and yet, if I'm not mistaken both of you guys made a three and a half hour trip up to Donegal yesterday KNOWING how Donegal could set up as you've both been giving out about it since 2010! Fact is, Fans who love their team will travel to the moon to watch their team, Whether they are playing against an all out blanket or a team who will go toe to toe and suffer a horrible 20pt + defeat. Fans are not voting with their feet, Attendances in the league so far especially in D1 are huge, why ? Because its competitive. Facts don't lie, attendances for the early provincial championship games in leinster and munster in particular are falling off a cliff, But where there are competitive games, the crowds will gather in their 1000's Nobody would want to spend their hard earned money going to watch me fight Anthony Joshua in Croker cause it would be embarrassing for Anthony Joshua and wouldn't last long as a contest. That's sport. Competitiveness draws in crowds, the style of football doesn't stop people going.

waynoI (National) - 27/02/2017 13:02:50

All the talk about Ulster!!!!Connacht is the strongest - 10 Like(s)
Looking forward to Sunday immensely now, not only will I get to see two very good games (hopefully) but when all is said and done we will get to see the captains of Mayo, Roscommon and Galway climb the steps of the Hogan to lift the "we have more teams in the last 8 than you" trophy.

waynoI (National) - 23/07/2017 10:49:04

'Hope you're scared, coz you've every reason to be!' - 9 Like(s)
One of the lines thrown out on social media today by a Mayo social media platform on hearing the news that Cormac Reilly will referee in Castlebar on Sunday.

Now, everyone on here knows that social media pages like the one in question have to be taken with a pinch of salt as they are run by a load of clowns, And I'm sure this is NOT the level of vitriol isn't shared by the majority of Mayo fans

Read and weap!! holy jesus.

I mean, Its 3 years ago now, move on.

Cormac Reilly, like all referees, have an incredibly difficult job and I certainly don't envy them, to put a guy under so much scrutiny before a league game, let alone a championship game, is so out of order.

I know Cormac personally, He is a wonderful man with a lovely family. Quiet and unassuming, pleasant and well mannered, no airs and graces, just a normal joe with a passion for refereeing, He puts in an awful lot of work that goes unnoticed all through the years.

You'll never see anyone talk about the effort and commitment in training referees put in on the cold winters mornings, But they work just like the footballers do, And they are praised for their commitment tenfold, rightly so. But refs do it too.

I know that they understand tensions run high and they will never please everyone, But this kind of nonsense from, albeit a minority of Mayo fans is disheartening and would turn anyone off refereeing.

Wish Cormac and his officials well at the weekend. And I hope to god they don't read some of the nonsense on social media about this appointment.

waynoI (National) - 28/03/2017 15:27:37

Kildare V Armagh - 8 Like(s)

Replying To ziggy32001:  "yeah but this is the kildare way."
Whether you meant this as a joke or whatever only you know, what I will say is that it is the absolute height of irony for you to come on here and kick the Kildare lads when they are down after losing a very hard fought close battle, when that very same Kildare side made a mockery of your lot earlier in the championship. On that day in Tullamore Kildare pocketed you guys and you lay down and you died, You guys showed absolutely no passion, no guts ... nothing, You hid away and you went down with a pathetic wimper. You can waffle on about Kildare treating it as an all Ireland, Whether they did or didn't, the fact you didn't match their passion on the day just goes to show everything that is wrong with Meath football and why, as Dr Watson says, Meath are an absolute total and utter irrelevance except to a few cabbages on here who will talk about the Meath tradition and hard men/great players of the past who are of no use to you now to try and big this bang average team up to something they arent and try put themselves on the map again after falling so drastically away, I was at the games tonight and all 4 sides were warriors. Not one went down without a hell of a fight and unfortunately for Down and Kildare, the better team on the day won out. Entertainment wise the games today where absolutely terrific value for money for 25 quid. Armagh fans are immense and bring wonderful colour to Croke Park. Next week will likely sell out and it promises to be a brilliant double header. Dying for it. Roll on tomorrow. This championship has been phenomenal. Great competitive games for the most part. Shock results... Class.

waynoI (National) - 29/07/2017 22:49:43

Well Done Lee Keegan !! - 7 Like(s)
I don't know whether the award for player of the year was deserved, Personally I would have been biased and given the award to Brian Fenton, It hasn't worked out that was but seriously, congratulations to Lee. On facebook and Twitter the vitriol towards him winning the award is actually embarrassing from a lot of Dublin fans, Fact is, Lee Keegan plays on the edge, But no more so than a few of our own lads.. Some of the great players have a bit of a temper, its what gives them that extra few percent. Its a shame bias can make you love a player who wears your jersey, while loathe a similar player on the opposition team. And we would all have him on our team.. End of story. Its okay, it doesn't make you any less of a Dub to admit Lee Keegan is a class act. Infact, He is an unbelievably gifted footballer who has kept Diarmuid Connolly in his pocket for the majority of the times they've played each other in big games, and people rightly eulogize over Diarmuid Connolly labelling him a modern day great. (rightly so too in my opinion) For Fenton and Kilkenny, Hard luck, But they've finished the season with back to back trebles. This is a team game, And you ask any top player playing the game if theyd rather win POTY or back to back All Irelands, theyd certainly pick the latter, so I don't think they'll be overly disappointed this evening.

waynoI (National) - 04/11/2016 21:50:22

Counties as International soccer teams - 7 Like(s)
Meath - Yugoslavia. Involved in a few wars down the years, But ultimately no longer exist as we know them.

waynoI (National) - 17/06/2016 08:19:21

How to improve football - 6 Like(s)
Nothing. Football right now is in a perfectly healthy state with the exception of Leinster. Id rather people moved with the times and realised its not 1976, its 2016.. The game has evolved, the mentality of the people watching it needs to change with the times too. The game nowadays is absolutely fascinating, intriguing and entertaining. I have to say I genuinely think the game itself is brilliant. I know I'm in the minority but still... That's my view.

waynoI (National) - 12/07/2016 21:28:33

Dubs v Kerry. - 6 Like(s)

Replying To clondalkindub:  "I'll be happy drunk around this time next week so Wayne , you still off the drink? How's the gym going? You getting bigger arms n ripped stomach ?"
I will have one or two on a match day if I head out afterwards man. Still in the gym yea. Its changed me completely I had been struggling for a long time with depression, Something I'm not ashamed to admit it. There was a two year period between 2012 and 2014 where I practically lived on this thing, Hid myself away from the outside world. Lost my job, lost a childhood friend to suicide, lost my motivation, lost my confidence and my ability to interact with real people, found solace in talking to people on here instead of the people i care about, and people who care about me. Eating shite made me feel better and my diet was really bad, processed foods and chips/noodles on a daily basis, couple of litres of coke a day, crisps, sweets.. Staying up til 3 and 4 in the morning, waking up the following day at 1 or 2 and spending all day in bed. Was a really rough time on a personal level and tough on my family who just didn't know what to do with me. Woke up one morning and just thought I don't want to be like this anymore, That's when I start going to the gym. I suppose the point I'm making is that, While a lot of people go to the gym to try and look good, I am not really about that. Sure its good to see results, But I would rather feel the results and that's what motivates me. The main thing for me isn't about abs, big arms, looking good. Its irrelevant. The one thing I want and get from the gym is that when I go in there the 4 or 5 times a week I go, I can go in not feeling all that great and come out feeling brilliant. The wonders that exercise and being active does for your state of mind I cannot put into words. I feel in control again, The gym and eating healthy has played a major role in that. Long answer to a short question. Sorry man :)

waynoI (Dublin) - 21/08/2016 22:04:18

Andy Moran Hands On Maurice Deegan - 6 Like(s)
No point arguing this decision, its not like any amount of words on here will change the decision one way or the other but the thread without even reading replies id imagine look a lot like this below 1) On the one hand, a lot of people the majority being Dubs, will claim Andy Moran should've gotten a ban because Diarmuid Connolly got one. The very same people who where apoplectic that diarmuid got his back in May or June or whenever it was, The very same people who spent days and weeks after the Connolly incident defending him, now want Andy banned out of fairness. Spare me the fairness nonsense when you don't believe for one second Diarmuid should have got banned months back. If you defending Connolly back then its hypocritical in the extreme to WANT Moran banned, By the logic of you guys, another "wrong decision" should be made because one was made last summer, We all know the saying about 2 wrongs.. n all that. 2) You likely also have the people who claim Andy Moran wasn't as aggressive bla bla bla and it was an accident and finding loopholes all over the shop to explain why he got off because Andy Moran is just a much more likeable fella than Diarmuid Connolly and/or love winding people up who have the view in point 1, Or they genuinely believe their point and that's fair enough. Whatever. 3) Quoting the rule book... Predictable and very boring. Its been a long long time since there was any sort of consistency or following or rules to the letter in all honesty. Amateur organisation acting in an amateur way. Why oh why do people act surprised when basics like following rules, well, aren't followed Look. Lads, Let it go. Don't worry about it, Don't get stressed one way or the other. Life goes on. Don't lose sleep over it. Good luck to Andy Moran and Mayo, and indeed Donegal on Sunday, One will stay up, one will go down. That's what people should be talking about. Looking forward to what promises to be a belter of a game. And good luck to the might blues who have a visit from Monaghan too, who I don't wish luck for obvious reasons.

waynoI (National) - 21/03/2018 21:40:34

Leinster football championship - 6 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "I agree this Meath team are at a huge disadvantage compared to the dubs one, not one of Meath team gets a free car, they lucky to get petrol money, none of them get money for promoting hair gel or whatever, they don't own hotels in Meath (even the dubs buy the hotels in Meath) but they have a work ethic and a from the street desire to do the best for their county, without all the pampering and perks , they still are amateurs, but under the brilliance of Andy McEntee they have gelled together and are playing out of their skins, your right we may not win (we may not even meet) but should it come to pass, by Jesus Dublin will know they have had a game."

waynoI (National) - 17/04/2017 10:08:11

Londonderry - will they ever learn? - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Htaem:  "First world problems ULSTERMAN."
totally agree. mountain and molehill come to mind

waynoI (National) - 30/01/2018 17:48:51

Does Diarmuid Connolly have his own rules? - 6 Like(s)
I've said it before and I will say it time, and time again. Each incident should be treated on its own merits. What has gone on before with regards to Diarmuid Connolly is completely irrelevant to this one incident. I don't care if Diarmuid Connolly was provoked. HE should know better at this stage. I love the footballer that glides past opposition and scores amazing scores. I have no time for the Diarmuid Connolly who produces nothing in his time on the pitch, lets himself get wound up as if getting this kind of attention is alien to him, then lashes out with an act of stupidity potentially letting himself and his teammates down. People saying it wasn't dangerous. He got someone in a headlock and flung him to the ground. He deserved to go. Doesn't matter what had gone on before it, For that incident he shouldn't have remained on the field. To try and deflect blame by saying Cribben came out and said WM players looked to wind up Connolly is nauseating. He said in public what managers and players say in the confides of their dressing room/training pitches. Fact is Connolly is a marvellous footballer. But so many times now he has been sent off or should have been sent off for acts of violence against the opposition. He is as likely to let him teammates down, as he is to have a great game. I don't think him being sent off would have made a difference to the outcome of yesterdays game, but he should have seen the line.

waynoI (National) - 18/07/2016 11:54:17

Incredible decision For Tipp's 2nd goal - 5 Like(s)
Don't understand how the umpires could have gotten that so wrong.

Some comeback from Tipp, Incredible, but such a huge decision went against Waterford there.

Umpires in this instance are a joke.

waynoI (National) - 03/06/2018 17:25:45

Defence clap clap clap.. Defence clap clap clap - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Triple H:  "And I accept that 100%. Listen honestly I was delighted to see Donegal win the All Ireland and multiple Ulsters in the past few years so genuinely nothing against them or their fans. I just really do think they are better than what they play and it just makes for a very poor spectacle."
Just cause its not exactly free flowing sexy football doesn't make it a poor spectacle. I'm sick of this notion that football has to be played a certain way and that anybody who dares veer off course is inflicting stab wounds in the murder of gaelic football cause that is absolute total and utter balls. . I accept that people might want to see great football as a preference, I'm one of them, but to suggest that there is no skill involved or any entertainment involved in this is, in my view, simply untrue. Its fascinating and intriguing. If the lack of a spectacle is such a big deal then why are so many Donegal people willing to spend money watching it year on year. Ive been to loads of Donegal games as a neutral, and there are always huge crowds. If Donegal and Tyrone where playing in an ulster final this july, it'd sell out. People are not voting with their feet when it comes to the black death of gaelic football because its a myth, If anything the league crowds are increasing, and the reason why attendances are dwindling (in the championship) has nothing to do with the spectacle on show, rather the dire, huge difference of quality between the Dublins of this world and the Meaths of this world where the gap is widening. Competitive sport draws mega crowds and interest, turkey shoots don't. I was a nervous wreck in the last few minutes today, in a league game in February, There is every chance I wont feel nerves like that in the championship until august at the earliest.

waynoI (National) - 26/02/2017 20:02:13

Dublin v Donegal - 5 Like(s)
Firstly, Commiserations to Donegal. A lot of people aren't too keen on them, But I think they have been fantastic over the last few years and had they beaten us yesterday, I would have had no qualms in saying I hope they go on to win it. Their fans are lovely, genuine GAA people and we had some great craic with them afterwards. In Murphy and McBrearty to name just two are wonderful footballers. I've no doubt that with a few changes you will be back fresh again next year. As for Dublin, Well, What can I say about this group of players, They are absolutely sensational. Its a pleasure to be able to witness them live in the flesh all year round. They are just incredible. Their workrate and intensity is top notch, Even when Diarmuid Connolly got sent off we didn't cave in, We learnt our lessons from 2014, Once we got a lead in that first half I never felt we would relinquish it. Ciaran Kilkenny, Philly McMAhon, Davey Byrne and Kevin McManamon where imperious. For all the talk of our FB line being fragile, We stood up to the test yesterday, If it weren't for a lazy pass from COS in the build up to the Donegal goal, I'd go as far as saying it was the perfect defensive display from the Dubs. It was a very entertaining game with great skill on show, Those two Diarmuid Connolly points are out of this world, likewise Paddy Andrew's effort from out at the Cusack stand sideline. In terms of the talking points/Red cards, First yellow card for Derm I didn't see, But once he is booked you cant afford to mistime a tackle, especially a high one, Second yellow was fair. The O'Gara one, He struck out, open handed or not you aren't allowed to strike someone off the ball, he did, He did leave Ciaran Brannagan no choice but to send him off, The only was he will get off is on a technicality, ie, The Umpire said it was a close fist punch, and it wasn't. Michael Murphys was the correct decision. A tad reckless but Fento ducked into it I feel. Red would have been harsh

waynoI (National) - 07/08/2016 12:14:57

Giant Flags on Hill16 - 5 Like(s)
Pathetic. Embarrassing, Cringey, Immature, Childish. Just some of the words I would use to describe this absolute BS that im reading from a group of facebook pages that have now joined arms to fight a cause that is just trivial and silly beyond words. The individuals who run (some of) these pages are self centred and full of self importance. Their day to day activities LITERALLY revolve around how many followers/likes they can get, They are the type of people who will go out of their way to publicise and promote their pages by having their name printed on flags and tshirts but enough about them and onto the issue at hand. A life dictated by likes and follows. Sad, very sad. Reading their statement today has left me ashamed but unfortunately, in no way surprised. In a time in recent years where the city of Dublin and nation as a whole has been crippled with substance abuse and genuine issues like the increasing homelessness figures and just general doom and gloom, There have been some feel good stories and one has been this incredible, humble, grounded Dublin team who have been an inspiration to many. They are preparing in the background for a huge game in 10 days time as they look to get through to another semi final in their drive for 3 all Irelands in a row. these fellas are a credit to themselves, their family, club, city and country. They create a feel good factor around the city where unfortunately apart from that there isn't much to hang our hopes on. When you see facebook pages come out and make a big deal about the banning of a huge bit of cloth, grown men and women, it just annoys me. It annoys me that this is even a thing. Im so proud of where im from. Im proud of supporting this team. But the social media age of sport fans and their ****ed up agendas rile me. If there was one thing I could just, do away with in modern day sport, Its fan social media. Cause its petty comments and opinions only lead to this kind of crap. Official pages are the way forward, independent fan ran muck like the dubs pages that include the words "TRUE or REAL" in their names who are involved in this absolute disaster (with the exception of home of the dubs and we are Dublin who are decent) should just be obliterated.

waynoI (National) - 26/07/2017 16:14:40

Who'd have thought it? - 5 Like(s)
All the moaning about Dublin's superior spending power and it turns out Mayo spent more than them in 2016. Cork, Galway, Tipperary and Roscommon also spent more than 1 million on their county teams in 2016. Not bad for these counties who apparently haven't got a pot to pee in according to most of the anti Dublin brigade on here isn't it not ?

waynoI (National) - 18/02/2017 17:01:13

Wayno - 5 Like(s)
i dont know if you meant that but i think considering your age and experience on here, ti have a go in such a manner is unprecedented and im amazed you took it so personally. Sorry fornany offence caused, honestly. sounds absolutely bananas but id really enjoy a 1 on 1 conversation in a quiet country pub on neutral territory to get to know liam the person and not the tool I've known for years on this. A place where we can tell each other what we hate about one another face to face, man to man, get all that out if the way and actually get our points across properly and who knows i might actually gain your respect and maybe id earn yours. What do you say Liam? fancy a pint some day, you never know we may actually get on and if not, such is life. we can come back on here and tell our tale providing me make it out alive.. maybe make it into a movie.. joking aside, I'm game if you are. name a time and a place. just you and me. no jerseys or colours, just an hour to get to know you. I got clondalkindub so wrong and he is the nicest of fellas. and here by the way I'm definitely taking the crown of the dubs maestro on here after that man, 100% you better believe it. :)

waynoI (Dublin) - 08/06/2018 23:00:26

Colm Boyle. - 5 Like(s)
Imagine Diarmuid Connolly, Paul Galvin, Or Ryan McMenamin (When he played) kicked someone in the head like that when on the ground ? ...WAR Not enough been made of this, It should be looked at by the CCCC and Boyle should be banned in my view.

waynoI (National) - 10/07/2016 18:31:47