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Replying To mayotyroneman:  "Oh god lads listen to yourselves!! It's a stupid rule. The gaa has now introduced it for the third time!!!! That's three attempts to bring in a rule that is absolutely useless. It brings nothing to the game. When Mick o Connell fielded high catches in the seventies he was set upon by tacklers. For gods sake that's the game! We all had to deal with that when we played the game. Enough of this nonsensical rule!"
My sentiments exactly. This was tried before and dropped, has no one learned anything?. The real problem is the excess of hand passing in football.
Much better to restrict the hand pass, including passing back to the goalkeeper.

thelongridge (Offaly) - Posts:563 - 13/01/2017 11:49:16   1945417


A really good diving block is a great skill. It always gets the crowd going, much more so than a high catch in fact. It's really annoying when a player executes a brilliant diving block but the ball rebounds to the opposition and they then get another shot away.

I propose that we now reward this skill with a free kick! A much more difficult skill than an uncontested catch into your chest in anyways, which we now reward with a free kick!!

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Replying To mayotyroneman:  "Royal you are deluding yourself. We have tried this stupid rule three times now. How often do we have to go back and keep trying to introduce something that is useless. We had three throw ups in breffni pk yesterday after players delayed when they won the mark. How does that add to the flow of the game? Then with each throw up an offence is immediately committed when a posse of players are not 13 metres away from the contested ball. It's a joke and needs to go"
Player doesn't have to stop if he catches the ball he can play on "In order to signify that he wishes to take a free-kick, the player who catches the ball and has been awarded a "mark" by the referee should stop playing. If he does not obviously stop then it should be taken that he is "playing on"."

But who reads the rules? there will be very few of these in the league awarded and it will be canned for championship.

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Replying To tirawleybaron:  "Mark is a good idea if introduced with a few other:
1. Kick out must pass the 45
2. Teams can only have 2 players standing between the 45's when the kick out is taken

Failing that it should also be a rule after any dead ball- free/sideline kicked into the scoring area that is caught cleanly results in a free kick at goal

Better still, introduce a "rugby style" tackle and use an oval ball and now we are getting somewhere"
1) and 2) is like what what I had -
as for the rest of your comment, I do also like the AFL myself -
there has to be something said for the incentive to get rid of the ball/ keep it moving - otherwise, take the rugby tackle and CONCEDE a free.

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The mark is a farce along with black card .

Dellboypolecat (Tyrone) - Posts:14892 - 19/01/2017 21:05:10   1947166