National - Galway v Waterford Final

A couple of journalist are predicting that Fergal Horgan will be the referee for the final. Waterford fans will not be happy if that's the case especially after the under 21 game against Cork followed by TDG sending off.

Here is a question though. Are Waterford indisciplined in the tackle? I thought Owens was hard on them but after watching back the semi-final, Waterford gave away lots of silly fouls for jersey tugs and the like. Horgan and Owens are fussy referees so that's probably why Waterford fans goes bananas because they will blow up for small things. Gavin would suit them better. What do people think?

Killarney.87 (Tipperary) - Posts:1960 - 17/08/2017 17:19:43   2034797


Horgan confirmed.

keeper7 (Longford) - Posts:3524 - 17/08/2017 17:25:04   2034803