National - Stop the Hand Slap Goal

off season topic, enjoy the great games over the coming months

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Replying To Gavvygavgav:  "[quote=MesAmis:  "[quote=Gavvygavgav:  "[quote=MesAmis:  "ok, I'll play...

4:08 in on this one

2:41 & 3:08 in on this one

Billions of examples. Zero skill. Thrown or pushed in. Acceptable by the rules as they stand as the officials are impotent to do anything else. But it's a garbage way to score, especially from a handpass. And the posters likening it to basketball slamdunks are spot on.

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Ha! Brilliant so you weren't actually able to find any examples of goals being scored by throwing despite there being, and I quote, "billions of examples".

You may not like those goals but should really stop lying and calling them throws. When you lie you discredit anything else you have to say and essentially people can just write you off as a joke.

My advice would be to stop lying and stop making things up and get back to your argument."
Look Mesamis, I understand you are of the opinion that these goals are strikes, but the fact is that the action of using both hands is not to provide more power, it's to provide more direction. this is done by cradling the ball in the hands, albeit momentarily, and redirecting it to the goal. This is not a strike, it's a throw. The rules won't change though, I know this. The hand pass is so loose these days. But that doesn't change the fact that double-handed 'slap' goals are essentially fouls of the ball. There are examples every week (how boring of you to seep into sophistry to try and hone in on my obvious hyperbole "billions"). There were several in last night's training session. There will be examples this coming weekend. As Flaker posits, these types of goal are vital against massed and blanket defences. But I'm not going to sit around on youtube looking for videos of handslaps, you know the ones I'm talking about. You might even agree with me to some extent

And as regards not being seen as a joke by some anonymous tags on an internet board, that may be important to some but I don't let such things bother me. You may be projecting a little, there."]They aren't throws. You might not like them but they cannot be classified as throws because they clearly are not.

You're simply lying.

The fact that you cannot find one example to back up your hyperbole shows that.

My credibility on here doesn't bother me at all and I don't think I'm projecting but if that's how you see it then fair enough.

However one would have to wonder about someone who would clearly lie on an anonymous internet forum. That's a little bit weird to be honest. The fact you'd continue to lie and say that people are throwing the ball when they clearly are not is odd in the extreme. And then you post links up to players not throwing the ball and claim that proves your point that they are throwing the ball? That's really strange man."]it's almost as if you can't read. I've posted a couple of examples. You say that they are strikes, I say that they are throws, and I've expanded as to why I believe they are. Try and parse simple sentences, I'm not getting the glove puppets out."]Couldnt agree more. This throwing in of goals going on for last few years and really annoys me. Brogan the king of it.

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