National - Super 8 this year would be exciting

Replying To ROS1:  "Good point about 25 teams will get little or no exposure only for the experts to dump them in the b championship"
23 teams have got to the quarter finals since the qualifiers commenced in 2001 (i.e everyone except Antrim, Carlow, Leitrim, London, Longford, Louth, Offaly, Waterford and Wicklow - note six of those are from Leinster!). So had the Super 8 been in existence since 2001, those 23 teams would have experienced it on at least one occasion and received all the attendant exposure. So granted there will be a few teams who will be semi-permanent fixtures in the Super 8 (although Kerry is the only team who would have qualified on all occasions so far) but there are still plenty of opportunities for others.

CeachtPeile (Cavan) - Posts:26 - 22/07/2017 19:47:50   2021069