National - Westmeath V Dublin

Replying To keithlemon:  "I know that in the context of these games, a lot of things are overlooked. People tend to write things off in thinking that on another day this and that won't happen. But, yesterday Dublin showed a little insight of things the opposition are going to have to deal with this summer.
Paul Mannion's left foot is one of these things, his shooting was so accurate. It wasn't so much that he had the space for a number of scores he took but it was the speed he was doing it at. He knew where the posts were and didn't have to think about it.
Brian Fenton looked much improved since the league. He lorded the middle, he caught one ball from a W'meath kickout in the second half that was a beauty to behold. I wonder if this mix of him and James McCarthy can give Dublin an advantage in the middle this summer. They needed some fresh ideas in there and McCarthy looks a good fit.
Niall Scully looked very worth his place, he put in a big shift and could have had a goal to his name too.
Lots of positives for Dublin but I do think they have a concern with Cian O'Sullivan at 6. Teams are now looking to try to drag him out of that sweeper position and he hasn't looked the assured number 6 that we've seen over the last 2 seasons."
yeah I think the same. Players had to show how much they wanted the jersey and believe all those who started and the subs showed this. Seen nothing myself wrong with Cian O Sullivan. Easy enough in his position. May have wandered more than usual but more a reflection on the score-line than a concern.

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Replying To ke40:  "Westmeath beaten by 31 points and to top it off Dessie Dolan inducted into Leinster hall of fame , Please!! Good player, one Leinster medal tho come on ,"
Doesn't matter if he never won a medal he was a great player and deserves the recognition. You don't have to play on successful teams to be called a great player. Mattie Ford's never won a medal but was a brilliant player

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Replying To jacktheDub:  "Dublin played a high risk strategy for the Westmeath kick out they pushed 12 players inside the Westmeath half they placed 4 men across the half way line and on occasion there Westmeath marker was behind them. When a team pushes up like Dublin did you need a keeper with a big boot to try clear the halfway line."
I looked at this yesterday and Dublin had a sweeper on their 45 completely on his own, Fitzy mostly while Cian was marking the only Westmeath forward in the Dublin half who was sitting on the small parallelogram. Any ball over the top was picked off by the sweeper and the lone forward was isolated. Looked like Westmeath tried to cobble together a blanket defence but it has to be drilled for months before it is perfected. You need high intensity in the backs, short kick outs, high turnover on tackles and to break at huge pace. Westmeath did none of this.

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Regardless of the result which was ridiculous, it was the performance yesterday that stood out for me, the team looked furious, hungry, playing with edge. That performance is 30% more then we have been playing with all year. We have set a standard now that has to be maintained for the rest of the year. No mercy to any team. The Dermo situation may be a huge enabling factor for us this year. I have said on here, Dublin arent the same team that have won back to back All Irelands they are a team in transition building the next generation, the team that has won all the All Irelands this decade is history. I haven't been confident of winning Sam this year and am looking at this year as a development year. But the Connolly situation may just be the shot in the arm to make us competitive for the overall thing. If its achieved it will be an unexpected bonus.

One of the most pleasing aspects of yesterday were many of the young players putting in terrific performances as starters, Lowndes, Scully, and Con all performing outstandingly as starters. Was also great to see Carthy and a lad who i expect to have a massive future Brian Howard come on. These lads are developing and its great to see them contribute to the senior outfit. I think in particular Con racking up the score he did will be massive for him in establishing himself as the player we know he will be.

Fenton and Jimmy McCarthy were superb, looks a lovely blend of physicality, energy, legs and skill. It really helped us in the transition yesterday. Paul Mannion was fantastic yesterday and really seem to be maturing into a very relieable and consistent player. Kilkeeny as always was immense. Big shout out to Darren Daily who was superb.

Didnt really feel we were tested so much at the back, which is a pity as there has been a bit of turnover there. With Fitzy coming in, for Davey Byrne and McCarthy moving into midfield. Its a joy to watch Jack breaking from deep again though.

Hopefully when we get over the injuries we seem to have at the moment the panel will be even stronger.

Hopefully WM can pick themselves up for the qualifiers.

But im largely encouraged by the performance of the young lads who have been given an opportunity this year and the standard set yesterday. Lets do what we do and see how far it takes us.

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I seen a rating of 10/10 for C Kilkenny last night. Do people think that was an accurate reflection? Personally he has frustrated me the last couple of years. He's obviously immensely talented but at one stage yesterday he received a ball in the corner and if he turned there was a goal chance on but he passed it back out the field 30/40 yards. I just feel as good as he is, there is a lot more in him. Scary but true.
Compared to Mannion yesterday- I just thought some of his play was negative.
Having said that and it might seem strange to say (considering they won the All Ireland last year), I was delighted to see Dublin resort back to their attacking style that was missing last year. I think McCaffery being back and having two midfielders that love to drive forward has helped. Connolly being out could also be a good thing in the long run for this team. Himself and Flynn have been pulled back the last few years and not let drive forward. O'Gara's directness also gives them some freshness up there.
Strangely a team in transition almost. Gavin deserves huge credit for what he has done.

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As wh supported am so gutted, and i do not think we are as bad as that. but just a few things on game, there is no hiding place in croke park the open spaces to move ball fast is huge. Dublin are one of the few teams that are relentless in attacking after attacking even then game was over as contest players going for goals. the game itself was clean contest and i know rules are rules but to see 4 -5 yellows and a black when we all knew who was going to win is annoying. the black especial when it meant playing last 15 minutes with 14 players, also 5 minutes injury time. when there should be 5 minutes you would not get even 2 mins. then i go and watch sunday game and a Down player goes into monaghan players back with knees and no card and panel think it is ok.

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