National - Refereeing crisis

Replying To bad.monkey:  "Young refs getting dogs abuse and even physically attacked up and down the country every Sunday and people wonder why there are no top standard refs.."
That's not on at all, totally unacceptable. Stories of refs being locked in the boots of cars in Wicklow too.

Killarney.87 (Tipperary) - Posts:2058 - 13/08/2017 20:13:38   2032886


Replying To Killarney.87:  "That's not on at all, totally unacceptable. Stories of refs being locked in the boots of cars in Wicklow too."
If refs were locked in car boots in Wicklow then those people want to have a decent look at themselves, it isn't the refs fault that Wicklow are crap, it's the quality of players, if Wicklow club football or hurling isn't up to scratch then blame yourselves not refs

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The whole refereeing system in GAA needs to be locked at. The speed of senior (even minor and u21) GAA has increased so much over the past 10 years and in fairness it physically probably cant get much quicker, but anyway - For senior inter country matches I personally think that some of the following should be looked at:

- Full-time professional referees (id even trial dual referees in a few league games / finals and see how that goes, especially in hurling)
- 2 Linesmen per side of pitch (4 total), how can they be expected to hammer it up and down the side-line all day. These should also be either referees or also full-time professionals. If we got 2 linesmen per side of the pitch then its enough to maybe have one referee BUT I'd give the linesmen more responsibilities and decision making, freeing up the ref to concentrate on more important matters.
- Umpires. Lads done get me started on these fells. Either a complete waste of space, caught ball watching EXCEPT when required and usually get the 50/50 decisions wrong.

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Replying To Green_Gold:  "I just think that gaelic football is so difficult to ref and would have sympathy for them. One thing that could be improved on would be consistency, for example some of the frees given this evening would never be given by another ref. I think we need to lay of the refs, they are only human and wilk make mistakes."
Agreed. Nobody has a clue what a tackle is. How can you referee a sport without a clearly defined tackle? And now in the last generation you have feigning injury, diving and players have now perfected the arm grabbing in a tackle that is now coached at training sessions! I refereed for 4 years but quit because of 2 reasons; Even after 30 years of playing the game I was still guessing at lesst half the time and the abuse (Which included being followed home one night) was beyond belief.
But I think at the moment Football is in crisis with referees. Take Michael Murphy's black card v Galway. Referees have been told to give the player the benefit of the doubt in a black card situation (I checked this with Croke Park) , how is that not a yellow if you're applying benefit of doubt?

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