National - Another referee making up the rules

Replying To Torcaill:  "No. The have to line out as per diagram with 3 in the half back / forward and 3 in the full back / forward lines."
As per diagram??? So if the corner forward stands in the half forward line the ref won't start the game?!?! Unenforceable & pointless.

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Replying To s goldrick:  "The advantage rule is incorrect in GAA.

Currently if a fouled player is allowed advantage and is fouled again in a more advantageous position the free is brought back to where the original offence occurred. This makes no sense as it infers that the ball is not actually in play for those 5 seconds. The ball is in play."
That's not the case though. The rules say the play is brought back if no advantage occurs - in the case you describe the advantage is a free closer to goal. The referees guidebook makes that clear as well.

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