National - New Proposed Hurling Structure

Replying To Whammo86:  "That's probably going to happen in any system with an increased number of games. The strongest teams will be more likely to succeed.

I think there's a good system to keep the provincials knockout while still having a group stage replacing the qualifiers.

3 groups of 4, top 2 in each group into knockout round.

Those 6 are joined by the Provincial champions. If the Provincial champions are qualified from the group they get a bye to the semifinals otherwise they play in the quarterfinals.

Bottom from each group into relegation playoffs.

8,8,7 in the tiers below."
That could work rather well. Ideally, I like 2 home/ 2 away of actual proposal although I do not like the bye feature. To overcome, you could have 4 in one group v 4 in the other.
This could work well in football - Keep AI SF Prov Champ rotation (e.g. Muns v Conn in 2017) and use A and B side of Prov Draw to pair up the out-of-cycle rotations (e.g. in 2017, A has Lein 6/Muns 2 and Uls 5/Conn 3 (prior yr cycle); and B has Lein 5/Conn 3 and Uls 4/Muns 4 (next yr cycle). Each 8 could be built incorporating the Prov SF/QF results - and ultimately, the 8 quartets each produce a Prov Finalist. The 4 Prov Finals are 'bonus' matches where the participants can earn an extra win in a 5th match (all unique AvB).
After all have played 4 group matches (8 Finalists with 5), top 2 from each section could contest KO Rd of 16.
Maybe there is a way to avoid Div 1v4 matchups in the Prov/Group stage as well.
What do you think ?

omahant (USA) - Posts:995 - 12/06/2017 00:53:49   1998216


From what I can gather, the plan is to play off these extra games in 4/5 weeks, then have the provincial finals. Most of the championship will still have been played off by early July, and the proposed balancing out of hurling and football games in the peak summer months will not actually happen.
But apart from that, it'd be a harsh schedule. If they want to implement these changes, and have these extra games, then they have to push back the provincial finals, AI QFs, semis, and final. Remember, they've already committed to having the AI hurling championship finished by early August (haven't they?). But can that really happen with these proposals? They have to pick a lane here.

If all this goes ahead with the suspected (worst case scenario) schedule, I'd nearly prefer Tipperary to be play in the provincial qualifier group rather the Munster Championship, honestly, if we want to win All Irelands. If we have to play Clare, Limerick, Waterford, and Cork in as many weeks, then play a final (and then have to play a quarter-final if we lose), we'll in flitters when it comes to playing a quarter-final. As amazing as these guys are, they're not professionals. Playing the top teams in the country 5 times in 6 weeks could be too much, for any team, injuries would mount up. if they want this to happen, schedule has to be expanded, somehow.

Marlon_JD (Tipperary) - Posts:1587 - 12/06/2017 21:25:11   1998761


According to the Irish Times, it's the development counties who were looking for alterations when Central Council met yesterday, June 17th. Counties will be allowed submit amendments for a month before a Special Congress in the Autumn.

legendzxix (Kerry) - Posts:5299 - 18/06/2017 21:01:22   2001387


How "minor" is minor with regard to the tweaks allowed ?
Personally, like the football changes, in hurling I would also have liked an All-Ireland inter-prov group stage sandwiched between the initial KO Prov Championships and concluding KO AI matches.
As I proposed before, I would have the 5 teams in Group A (3 one prov, 2 the other) play the 5 in Group B. The groups could be created (not drawn) as the Prov KO games unfold - put one team in one group and their opponents in the other.

omahant (USA) - Posts:995 - 20/06/2017 15:03:01   2002574


I suppose the biggest change we will see is that the Top 2 from the Qualifier section will each advance to play a 3rd placed county from Muns and Lein.
Why not have the 4th tier champ (C Ring Cup) brought in as well - playing 2nd in Qual rd group.

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