National - Diarmuid Connolly and threat of suspension

Never understood the near bloodthirsty demand for suspensions on here, before anyone pipes in I'm not suggesting lads get away with murder or that there are not consequences for actions, but bearing in mind its an amateur sport with few enough games considering the amount of time a lad puts into training , yet we all love to see an opponent get suspended ????????
Tit for Tat on here is rampant some posters missing out on a vocation in Politics and History how they can recall an other counties players previous indiscretions is beyond me.

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Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "Absolutely clondalkin, although technically the ref did already deal with lyne as he did with Brian Fenton with the yellow which was a clear black.

Also my Irish wouldn't be up to scratch but from what I could make out is that Steve cluxton got his yellow for going into the referees room at half time.

I wonder what was he going in there for?"
Just before half time Kerry got a disputed 45 cluxton was not happy, from where I was in the ground while remonstrating with the umpire he put his hand on him that's why I thought he got the yellow

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