National - All-Ireland minor football championship

look management got this wrong. meath were outstanding in the first half,but they clearly told the players to play deep 2nd half and defend the lead.but in doing so this invited dublin on to them. taking off a forward who was playing well is some message too. the message should have been at half time. lads you are a better side,keep it going,i am going to change nothing tactically. instead management tried to be too clever and it back fired.
in the minor league meath walloped every team they played and never resorted to the tactics used 2nd half. why do that now? the young lads looked like they didn't know how to play the 2nd half system anyway. these lads are very good footballers,let them play football.had they left things alone meath would have not only won the game,but won it pulling up.
now they are left with a situation were their confidence may be shattered. although win against laois and they are back in this leinster..

ziggy32001 (Meath) - Posts:7532 - 23/04/2017 19:31:55   1981958


Replying To RoylerKing:  "Well done to the Dubs yesterday, it was a fine win in the end. I was at the game and our first half performance was very good but a game is never won in the first half unfortunately. After that we were very ordinary. Don't mind RoyalDunne he is forever spouting out nonsense. All our focus is on Laois now."
Fair play

Dose of realism at last.

Fionn (Dublin) - Posts:2317 - 23/04/2017 20:48:53   1981979


It's pointless reading too much into the Leinster Minor League. Kildare haven't won it recently and yet they've played in the last four Leinster Finals winning three of them.

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