National - U21 All Ireland Football Final - Dublin v Galway

Replying To AthCliath:  "I think Kerry got a lucky break that Galway beat them. Dublin would have bullied them off the pitch . What is noticeable is how lightweight Kerry are at u21, its ok when your winning minor titles but u21 is a different ballgame.
Galway are top side who were better than Kerry in most positions , yesterday they just came up against a well organised Dublin team , who unlike Kerry were very focused and had better players in areas that mattered."
Firstly, well done to Dublin yesterday, fully deserved their title.

We can only guess what might have happened if it was Kerry v Dublin. I think Galway caught Kerry cold and we weren't focused or prepared for the way they tore into us. That particular Kerry team isn't used to that, and it may do them some good in the long run. We trounced a decent cork team in Munster and were probably a bit too sure of ourselves going in to the semi against Galway. You could argue the same thing happened Galway on Saturday after beating Kerry easily in the previous game.

Trying to make the argument that Dublin would have destroyed Kerry because Dublin destroyed Galway who destroyed Kerry is nonsense. Football doesn't work like that.

I suspect that some of our lads heads have come back down to something approaching their regular size by now and if we played Galway again the game might be very different. And that's without taking away anything from Galway who were very good on the day.

All irrelevant now of course. Once again well done to Dublin on another (and final) U21 title.

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Replying To neverright:  "Now that the dust has settled on the U21 c'ship with Dublin rightly taking the title how many of the last four teams will graduate on to the senior panels for this year's championship. I know that Donegal have already blooded at least 4 or 5 of their U21s and that O'Callaghan has got playing time with Dublin. Do posters see others joining them? Personally, I think the Galway full-back will make the step up as he is the most complete player for this position that I have seen for a long number of years."
Serious bit off stuff this man fits the position perfect.

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Not a bad few days for Dublin GAA :)

Gavin extends stay until end of 2019

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