National - What's going wrong with Ulster teams?

Replying To Curlew66:  "I remember those 23 barren years (68-91) when Ulster teams were seen as a soft touch when they reached Croke Park. Only one team managed to reach a final (77) in all that time .
Through that lean spell I seem to recall great Ulster players in Frank McGuigan, Peter McGinnity, Nudie Hughes, Gerry Armstrong, Gerry McElhinney, Mickey Lynch, Joe Kiernan, Paddy Moriarty, Ray Carolin, Charlie Gallagher, Liam Austin, Seamus Bonner and Brian McEniff to name but a few.

On a positive note five Ulster counties won a total of nine AIs between them in the following 21 years."
Them 23 years are history we had more inportant things to worry about as for now take the dubs kerry and mayo out of it then ulster arnt far away yes i find my own county hard to watch but is watching the dubs an kerry steam roll there champships goid to watch ?? Most games are over after 10 min maybe croke park and its bottle washers need t o take some blame in black cards now the mark are giving nothing to the game its time we looked at hurling less blowing whistles if any thing take score for a goal down to 2 points and scoring a point from outside the 30 worth 2 then we might see a end to the blanket defence

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Replying To uibhfhaili1986:  "Competitive means a challenge being made to the team.When people say a match is competitive it means the losing team put it up to the winning team."
We differ on that. The same team winning all the time is just not competitive.

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Replying To Soma:  "So you wouldn't say Monaghan have been competitive with Dublin in the league in recent seasons?"
We did not beat them. Lost by small margins 3 times and hammered twice in our last five meetings. Competitive would be at least a draw or win. Ultimately it does not matter how many you lose by if you always are losing. I don't see the other side of it. I didn't when I played and I don't as a spectator.

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